16 Best Methods to Dry Your Boots | That Will Make Your Wet Feet a Distant Memory

There is nothing that can ruin your day more than wearing a pair of damp shoes. Nowadays, you will find various methods to dry your boots. 

Besides providing an uncomfortable feeling, wearing wet or damp boots is also an appropriate environment for bacteria and fungus formation. That can lead to different foot problems.

You only need to adhere to simple, easy procedures to get it done. In this article, I will share different methods to dry your boots that will solve the wet feet problem from rot.

Are you ready? Let us get started.

Keep Your Shoes Within the Coolest Room With a Proper Space

While spending an extended period trying different methods to dry your boots, do not waste your efforts. Do not keep your boots in a frozen spot. They will take in humidity. Instead, please keep them in the warmest spot of your home.

Select an area with enough space and the proper temperature degree. You need to consider a useful ventilation feature as well. As it will accelerate your drying process and prevent unwanted odor formation

However, if you put your boots in a small area without enough air circulation, then you will provide the bacteria with a proper environment to build up.

In case you are concerned about your work boots’ smell, you may apply cat litter or silica to remove some of the scents.

Cat litter, mainly, is made to remove unwanted scents. For that reason, it will assist a lot in giving your footwear a pleasant scent.

Naturally, those methods to dry your boots will solve your problem. However, using the sun will be sufficient since bacteria, fungus, and other moisture-loving organisms are probably build up. To prevent that, you have to treat your shoes completely with sanitizers to avoid sore feet.

Methods to Dry Your Boots

1-Use a Fan

Use a fan to dry your boots- methods to dry your boots

Item to Use

  • A wire cutter 
  • An old hanger
  • A fan
  • A towel

Make sure that it can not ruin your shoe material. However, if you want to dry leather boots, this technique is for you. 

  • Firstly, you must remove any form of dirt or mud with the aid of a running tap.
  • Get your table fan.
  • Make sure it is higher than the length of the real boot. It also has to be strong enough as you will hang your boots on it.
  • Place a towel at the bottom front part to catch excess water during the drying procedure.
  • Remove the insoles and get a wire cutter and an old hanger. Take the cutter and break the wire to get two 6-inch parts.
  • Start bending every one of them till you get an S shape.
  • Each end must have a hook. The first end has to be small enough for clipping it on the fan. in contrast. The second must have a size big enough for holding your boot. 
  • Start clipping the small hooks with the fan. However, it must be around 9-inch space between every boot.
  • Keep the shoelaces loose and open each boot. By this step, you will make sure each boot inside also receives the necessary air from it to dry. 
  • Turn the fan on and allow it to work for about a single or two hours. If it is not enough, leave it to work till you get a dry boot.


Use a campfire to dry your boots

There will be a campfire near every camp. There is no doubt of that. Why Do You Not Use It As One Of The Methods To Dry Your boots Before The Next Morning?

However, campfire methods to dry your boots are not that easy. If you do it wrongly, you will ruin the all-leather appearance.

The artificial heat can mess with the leather structure. Therefore to go with these methods to dry your boots, just follow those steps accurately.

  • Look for the optimum distance to put your boots. 
  • By some accuracy, point the foot hole toward the campfire. 
  • With your hand back, find the location with a reasonable temperature degree. The distance is depending on the intensity of the fire. Try to avoid direct exposure to heat.

Placing your leather footwear far enough from the fire minimizes the boot drying speed. But, keeping this space protects your boot’s longevity and general look.

3-Clothes Dryer

This technique is one of the quick methods to dry your boots. However, you cannot apply this technique to all kinds of boots.

If your footwear is made from leather or has a gel-core insert, you have to look for another drying method. If the label comes with a square mark and an X inside it, do not machine dry it.

But, when the square mark has a circle in it, this means you can machine dry these shoes at low temperatures. Consider the material your shoes come from before applying the dry machine method.

Examine the label of your shoes to see if they are dryer safe. If there is no information on the label, assume that your footwear should not be machine dried to protect them from damage.

Because if you do this, your shoes will probably crack. But if your shoes come from cotton, polyester, or nylon, you can use the machine drying methods to dry your boots.

-Tying the Boot Laces Together

Make sure your boots are side by side. After that, start knotting the bootlaces together.

-Lock the Shoelaces In the Door

You can do this in the front and upper-loading dryers. Tie your shoelaces, then drape them over your door.

Catch the shoelaces, then lock the door. This step will prevent your boots from falling within the machine when it starts drying them.

-Adjust the Dryer Setting to Air Dry

Some units do not come with these settings. if your dryer is one of them, change it to the lowest temperature

-Dry Your Wet Boots For Twenty-Five Minutes

Turn on the device and leave your boots for twenty-five minutes. After that, carefully unlock the unit door and pull the boot laces to prevent them from falling. But, in case your shoes are still damp, turn on the machine to dry them again.


This is one of the best methods to dry your boots. It will not include placing your boots within the fridge. Instead, it involves putting your shoe near the refrigerator vent. This vent will do the job by distributing warm air.

If you want to go with the refrigerators methods to dry your boots, assure that your boot’s openings have enough air. That will dry your footwear fast. But, it is better not to dry leather boots applying this technique.

5-With Clothes

This method is one of the great methods to dry your boots fast. Follow those steps to move on with this technique to dry your footwear.

  • It is recommendable that you first wash your shoes with warm water and detergent.
  • Eject your laces from your footwear and take a dishrag. 
  • Stuff up the dryer using these clothes and set it in a slow cycle to keep your shoes in a perfect position.

It is better to recognize your footwear material before you apply these methods to dry your boots. Some materials may be crumpled.


 Dry your boots with newspaper

This is one of the old methods to dry your boots. If you own a stack of an old newspaper at your house, you can apply them as one of the methods to dry your boots.

This method’s bonus benefit is that the newspaper will ensure your footwear is dry from both inside and outside. If you want to go with these methods to dry your boots, just follow those steps.

  • Just crumple some newspapers and transform them into a ball shape. These balls have to be loose enough.
  •  Try making a tear from while to while. This step will do them soak in the moisture, especially in the internal section of your shoes.
  • Stuff up your boots with these paper balls and allow them to dry for a while. You crumple the newspaper within your shoes to absorb the absolute humidity from it. This technique will accelerate the drying period.
  • After a few hours, remove the newspaper.out You have to ensure that your footwear is entirely dry before you remove the papers.
  • In case your shoe is still wet, then you have to repeat this technique once more. Repeat it till your footwear is fully dry.

7-Use the Sun

The sunlight is of the best methods to dry your boots. It is free, naturally exists, and efficient, so why not use these benefits? You can easily place the boots outside and expose them to the sun. The sun radiation will cause moisture evaporation and kill pathogens, which cause bacterial formation.

Timing is the main downside of this way. It is not for you if you look for a speed drying technique. Not just that, however, it counts on the weather condition. It’s recommendable not to count on this technique each time.

Excessive sun exposure will ruin your leather material on your shoes if you do not maintain it correctly.

8- Use Rice

Dry your boot with rice

Seems funny, right? That is what we thought as well. Rice does not come amongst your camping needs list. Many campers will include it.

One of the methods to dry your boots is using rice. It can provide a means for a cheap drying method.

If the above methods to dry your boots are not easy for you, then this is the ideal choice. To go with these methods to dry your boots, just follow this procedure.

Items to Use

  • Plastic bag
  • Rice

Adhere to these simple steps to do this right

  • Place around a single inch of dry rice within a big plastic bag. You have to ensure it is large enough to include your shoes with no overlapping.
  • Put your shoes within the rice, then lock the bag using an airtight seal. The rice can soak in the humidity from your boots. Then you are ready to wear your boots all day. Isn’t it a fantastic trick?

9-A Hairdryer or Heat Gun Technique

Use a hairdryer or heat gun to dry your boot

This technique is one of the best methods to dry your boots fast. When you do this, it is better to convert the setting of these units to the lowest. Besides that, you have to be sure that you will not leave them running and avoid fire accidents.

10-A Boot Dryer

Use a boot dryer to dry your boots

This boot dryer technique is one the most comfortable methods to dry your boots. They are designed to provide a quick solution to dry the boots fast. Shoe dryers blow warm air, which will dry your shoes in a short period.

  • Place your boots into the tube. 
  • Start plugging your shoe dryers into electrical access. 
  • After that, set the temperature degree of the shoe dryers as you require.

After a while, you can enjoy a dry shoe all day long. You usually have to ensure that you unplug your shoe dryers when you finish your work.

The boot dryer will collect the dirty water from your shoes. This capability will help with keeping your floor immaculate.

Some shoe dryers also can sanitize your boots from undesirable odors and bacteria build-up. They also can stretch your shoes’ life.

For that reason buying shoe dryers is one of the best efficient methods to dry your boots or to leave them to dry overnight. Your work boots will be ready for you the next day morning. You can enjoy warm, healthy feet when you apply a boot dryer.

11-With Towels

Dry your boots with towels

This is also one of the effective methods to dry your boots. Like the newspaper way, these towels will absorb the humidity. If you want to go with these methods to dry your boots, follow this step-by-step guide for better results. 

  • Before starting, you have to ensure your footwear is immaculate. 
  • After that, start putting two edges of the towel inside the boot.
  • Start wrapping the other two corners of the towel around your boots to coat them thoroughly. 
  • Then, leave the towel for a few minutes to soak in the initial moist then remove it.
  • Use a new, dry towel to repeat the process. It will be better to spend old towels on applying these methods to dry your boots.

12- With a Shoe Tree

Dry your boots with a shoe tree

Another prevalent and essential item for your footwear is the shoe tree. The primary purpose of a shoe tree is to maintain the shape of your shoes. However, you can use them as one of the methods to dry your boots.

A shoe tree is a multi-tasking product. These trees come with excellent humidity absorption, which is the reason for keeping your footwear entirely dry. This all makes it one of the effective methods to dry your boots as well.

Cowboy footwear, particularly suede cowboy boots, can lose their original appearance when they get wet. Therefore a shoe tree is an excellent product to remove this issue from rot.

13-Using Household Products (talcum powder, cornstarch, baby powder)

Those household items can be one of the ideal methods to dry your boots. When your shoes become wet, they give you an annoying feeling. If you handle them the wrong way, they will still wet for an extended period.

That’s when the role of household items comes. This way is one of the economical and efficient methods to dry your boots. Just follow those steps.

  • You only have to spray a little cornstarch (or baby powder, talcum powder) within your boots. 
  • After that, leave them overnight.
  • The following morning, the cornstarch will absorb all the humidity within your shoes. You can enjoy your dry and immaculate work shoes while you are working.

14-Using Cedar Boot Shaper

Dry your boots with ceder boot shaper

Cedar shaper is one of the methods to dry your boots. It will maintain the original shape of your footwear. They come with a humidity absorption feature as well. This feature will give you dry shoes.

If the shoe trees preserve your shoes’ shape and absorb the moist as well, then the cedar shapers can maintain the leather around the calf to stay in form and dry.

You should put the shaper within your shoes. After a while, all the moisture within your shoes will be gone.

A bonus, the cedar odor will help for repelling insects. This feature will preserve your shoes from visiting various insects.

15-Using Roasted Salt

dry your boots with salt

You can use roasted salt as one of the methods to dry your boots.

Items to use

  • Salt
  • sock

Adhere to this step by step guide

  • Start roasting a handful of salt till it is heated up, not burned.
  • After that, start setting them within a sock. Put the sock within your shoes.
  • Allow it for a single to double hours. After that, this technique will dry your wet boots. 
  • In case it is still wet, you need to redo these steps till you achieve the desired result.


We already mentioned different methods to dry your boots. If you combine two techniques of them, you can accelerate your boot’s drying period.

You can wrap your shoes in towels before you hang them off the fan. Try placing the sealed rice-and-shoes bag in an area with direct contact with the sunlight.

As usual, continue looking at your shoes regularly to assure they will dry properly. Check them also and replace any newspapers, rice, and towels that are wet with water.

Once Your Boots Are Dry

There are many steps you can do to assure you will wear it for an extended period.

Appropriate care and storing your work boots can make your shoes last longer. It will not matter how much your footwear is wet.

When your shoes are completely dry, you should consider applying a UV sanitizer. This unit can remove any other bacteria.

It will maintain your work boots ready for any job you want. A bonus feature; these sanitizers will protect your shoes from ruining their underlying construction.

There are multiple options of high-quality oils available in the stores. When you choose the brand you want to apply, start applying it to your shoe’s surface. You must be sure your footwear is completely dried.

Oiling your leather shoes can keep them look like new ones. However, this will form a protective coat towards the elements.

Even work boots with waterproofing features can take advantage of a few additional shine. Applying good oil can help to fight stains and water damage signs.

In addition to applying oils to polish the footwear, you may add saddle soap for buffing up your shoes and give the leather a smooth new look.

This method will give a proofing feature to your boots towards some common damages. You will save yourself from repeating it once more to dry your wet boots.

These shoe care steps are particularly essential when you dry your work boots. Hence exposing them to a high temperature for a prolonged period will age your work boots fastly. It will ruin the overall look causing leather cracking.

How to Give Your Boots a Waterproofing Feature

Please select the correct product for treating your boots and know how to wash them to maintain your foot dry usually.

Wearing wet boots will ruin your whole day. When moist penetrates your shoes, it will result in an uncomfortable feeling. It will even create suitable conditions for blisters formation possibilities.

However, by adding a waterproof feature to your leather boots properly, you should not worry about wet feet anymore.

Whether your footwear is hiking boots, work boots, or any other type, it will help maintain your foot dry for an extended period if you treat them regularly.

How many times you have to waterproof your shoes altogether counts on how often you wear them. You may want to waterproof your boots once every two months.

The fabric your shoes come from is an essential factor. Every kind of them will need various products to help waterproof them. You want to know the fabric of your footwear before starting to treat them.

Full-grain leather — possibly the most popular item for shoes — may require another product to treat it from the suede or nubuck footwear. Some boots come from fabrics or artificial materials. We will indicate this more below.

In case you are not sure about your boots’ material, you should go back to the manufacturer’s website.

1-Begin With Cleaning Your Shoes

Before starting this technique, you need to immaculate your shoes properly first. Dirt or grime will affect the waterproofing process, leaving your boots not entirely covered by the product. If you are cleaning your shoes usually, this will preserve them to last for an extended period.

Firstly, remove your shoelaces, and with a brush, remove all dirt and grime. In case your shoe soles are caked with grime, set them in approximately a single inch of water for several hours for a rough loosening. You can remove any rest grime by sprinkling it with a hose.

Allow your shoes to dry. However, return to them when your boots are a bit moist. This step helps pull the treating product into the leather.

2-The Waterproofing Process

You have to be sure that your product is specialized for your shoe material. You will find a lot of kinds of waterproofing products out there. You will add each of these treatments in a different method.


There are several sprays specialized for leather, suede, and artificial products. To apply this method, set the spray bottle around six inches away from your shoes.

Then sprinkle them with a thin, equable layer. You can read the product directions to know whether another layer is needed or not.


Wax is the ideal choice for leather and suede shoes. In case you apply wax to provide your footwear with a waterproofing feature, heat it a little using a hairdryer. After that, you can add the wax using a clean cloth.

Take off any other wax, then buff to shine. The wax method is more like a manual method. However, it can reach many splits and corners.


This technique is an excellent choice if you have leather footwear. To apply the cream to provide a waterproofing feature to your shoes, you need to do this with its applicator or a clean rag.

After that, start rubbing the product until you cover the whole surface. In case your shoes involve hard-to-reach areas, you can reach the splits using a clean rag.

Some goods will give your shoes a little darker color. Check the whole label. Try the product in a small section first to ensure that you will like the result. After that, you can proceed with it.

Whether the product kind is you must coat the whole area with it. Provide splits and creases with additional care.


After you apply the product, give your boots the proper time to dry entirely. Store them within an average temperature, low moisture, and well-ventilated area.

Do not apply direct temperature, such as hair dryers, to accelerate your shoe’s drying process. Hence this will make your boots glue to loosen or cause leather cracking. It is better to avoid drying your boots by directly exposing them to sun rays.

But, using a fan to make your boots dry faster is not a bad idea. Putting balls made from newspapers within your shoes is an excellent method for moisture absorption. It is incredibly efficient in drying your insole.

Once you finish the cleaning, start treating and drying your shoes. Now you can wear them and be ready for your next adventurous outdoor activities. You will continue enjoying your vacation and have a dry, healthy foot as well.

Important Tips

These are a few helpful tips to get satisfying results.

When your shoes become wet, you have to dry them as early as you can. Never leave them to be soaked for a prolonged period. It will harm your shoes.

You have to make sure the footwear is completely dry. then store them in a dry area with adequate ventilation to let them breathe.

You are applying a specified product to add a waterproofing feature to your boots in rainy and snowy weather.

A thing to consider, each way of these techniques needs time. If protecting your boots is what you want, time is vital. Comparatively, the slow drying method will protect your shoes from ruining.

Try to avoid using direct heat to accelerate the drying process. It involves the application of a blow dryer, stove, oven, and heater.

The direct temperature will result in observed damage to the leather top. Too much heat can lead to wrinkling and cracking of the leather. Besides, High temperature influences the glue which keeps your shoes with each other.

However, sometimes a little heat may be the only choice you have, like if you work in a remote area and there is only a campfire near you to do your job.

When you are in this situation, set your shoes 2 to 3 meters far from the campfire at a minimum range. Then you will dry wet boots and preserve them from being ruined as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Methods to Dry Your Boots

1-How Long Will Boots Need to Dry?

You can not measure the exact period for boots to dry. Some will need 20 minutes, and others may take The whole day. It is all counts on some factors like how wet these shoes are in their fabric type.

However, it is better while drying your boots, inspect them each half-hour. In this way, you find out the real drying time.

2-Can You Dry Your Shoes Using the Oven?

Using this method to dry wet boots is not the right choice. It is better to soak your shoes using dry clean cotton rags overnight.

The cotton will take in the moisture. Then leave them in direct exposure to the sun for several hours and ready to wear them again.

3-Can Leather Footwear Become Wet?

Yes. Leather footwear can become wet. It will not ruin it permanently if you take care of your footwear properly. 

In case your leather footwear is soaking wet regularly, it is better to invest in a pair of waterproof boots to save yourself from treating your footwear regularly.

4-Can Shoes With a Waterproofing Feature Do Your Feet Sweat?

When new, these layers are entirely waterproof, and it keeps your foot dry from any external source of humidity. But, it can trap sweating within your boots. Therefore, your foot bathes in its sweat.

5-Can Using 2 Pairs of Socks Make My Feet Warmer?

Hence a single pair will give you a warm foot, then two of them will provide you with a warmer foot, right?

No, your shoes are made for your feet and single pair of socks, not double. The additional pair will compress your feet, affect the blood circulation, and then it will be colder than using only a single couple.

6-What Is The Best Technique to Maintain My Footwear Clean?

For leather footwear, condition them every week to protect them from humidity and dirt. For canvas and artificial fabric, water sealants will maintain humidity and dirt at bay. Continue whipping them every week.

7-Are There Any We Need to Do Before We Begin With the Drying Process?

Before we jump in, You should adhere to some steps to prepare your shoe. Firstly, you have to wash your boots without shoelaces, remove the laces first. Dry your shoelaces by hanging them in a dry area.

If you leave them on your shoes, this will delay the drying period. It can ruin them over time as well.

After that, it’s better to provide your shoes with a full cleaning. Yes, you have to begin the drying process by wetting your footwear first. More clearly, it would help if you are sure that the outside of your shoes is immaculate.

Applying a mild detergent and some warm water will remove any dirt accumulating during your day.

The key here is to protect your shoe upper from permanent stains. Mud will quickly leave a mark on your leather boots. Once you wash them, Then dry them with a towel and jump on one of the following techniques.

Final Thoughts

Start every morning with dry, warm feet. You can enjoy this feeling while you are on your way to work. do not let the wet boots problem ruin your day

To protect your boots from getting damaged, always go for the slow process. Direct exposure to direct heat will harm your footwear a lot. 

Besides, the shoe’s insole and tongue will need a longer time to dry. Never apply any trick to dry them. You only should leave them for air dry.

Now you have a guide with16 methods to dry your boots. Use them to get a satisfactory result.

In case you have any questions or there is a new technique you want to share. You can leave it in the comments.

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