How To Use Saddle Soap On Boots? |6 Easy Steps To Have New Boots

Saddle soap, as in its name, is meant for cleaning saddles. However, you can use it for cleaning, conditioning, and protecting any leather items, but first, you need to know How to use saddle soap on boots? using the correct technique

Hot weather is great. If you want to spend a lot of summer nights more outdoors, but you hate the side effects on your gears. 

Leather will get cracked and dried from continuous exposure to heat as well as UV rays. It reacts more like what our skin will do under the sun. you can use saddle soap to clean your leather item and condition them a little

This article will provide you with all the needed instructions to know how to use saddle soap on boots properly.

Before we start, you have to know more about saddle soap, and it is the primary role. What is the mechanism it used?


What is saddle soap, and how does it work?

Saddle soap, such as kiwi saddle soap, is a type of leather conditioner made of a mixture of two materials beeswax and lanolin. 

 When these two ingredients come together, they make the best leather items care recipe used for other leather products.

Many cosmetics products use lanolin as a skin treatment ingredient. It features a water-resistant wax that comes from animals with wools such as sheep. 

Children care products use this component in diaper rash creams. This function appears that this material is extremely gentle. 

This compound is used as a lip balm as well. People used it to avoid dry lips cracking. The mechanism follows the same principle as leather boots.  It can preserve and maintain your leather items.

Beeswax is entirely natural as it comes from honey bees. It used to add a creamy consistency for saddle soap.

High-quality leather goods are not cheap. You should know how to maintain its original shape and preserve it is a great look.

Saddle soap is a good leather conditioner as it is incredibly efficient and economical in the long term. But, you must know how to use saddle soap on boots orderly to know its true potential.

There are many types of saddle soaps, such as Fiebing’s Saddle Soap and kiwi saddle soap.

Saddle soap applies moisture and adds a thin layer to the surface. These features help to prevent future leather deterioration because of dehydration and debris.

This coat protects your boot and adds a stain resistance feature. When the leather becomes drier, the stains will get more in-depth through the leather. That all will make the leather harder to clean. 

A bonus feature is that it will bring back some of the color gone over time. It also makes the leather softer.

Some benefits of applying saddle soap on leather

When you are shopping at stores specialized in leather goods, you may probably encounter many leather cleaners and conditioners products. 

You will also notice that all have a label that includes “the better leather care product.” slogan For that, why and how to use saddle soap on boots to preserve them?

Firstly, saddle soap gives the exact amount of humidity that the leather needs to protect it from ruin. 

Leather tends to dry out over time if it did not receive the proper treatment. That mostly occurs when you usually wear it outdoors and are continuously exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light.

Over time, The combination of sunlight and dry air will cause the leather moisture to evaporate. As a result of this process, the leather will become dry, leading to a harsh and rough feeling. 

This damage often causes leather cracking and suffers substantial and can reach damages that are hard to repair.

Knowing how to use saddle soap on boots and conditioning them can prevent this from occurring because it works by supplying the leather garments with the right amount of moisture to protect them from these elements.

Additionally, saddle soap is composed of many cleaning compounds and can remove practically any stain from boots and shoes. 

To sum up, knowing how to use saddle soap on boots will work great for cleaning, maintaining, moisturizing, and protecting any leather garment product, from shoe boots to jackets.

How to use saddle soap on boots?

How to use saddle soap on boots

To know how to use saddle soap on boots, you need to follow these several steps. we will mention each stage of them and how to do it with simple few steps

Cleaning and conditioning leather boots 

As you already recognized, the benefits you will get by using saddle soap on boots during the cleaning and conditioning process. Now you are ready to start to clean and condition the leather garment.

To know how to use saddle soap on boots for cleaning and conditioning, follow these steps.

Prepare the area and the material you will use 

First of all, clean the area or the spot you will work on and put everything you will use within arm’s reach. 

This step is essential. This step is because damp leather can glean any dust and tiny particles located in the area around it.

Here is what you will use:

  • A rag to wash with
  • A cloth to dry with
  • A piece of cloth or a sponge to apply saddle soap
  • A bowl of clean water
  • Leather soap
  • An old toothbrush
  • Any other conditioners goods you want to use

Once you prepare all of this, you can begin to work on your boots, shoes, or other leather garments.

Clean The Surface of the leather boots

clean the surface of your leather

Before conditioning your leather boots, you have to be sure it is clean. The leather surface should be clean enough to absorb the conditioner. 

  • By using a clean rag, apply just a small amount of water. Try to keep it damp, not soaked.
  • Scrub the rag across the whole surface of the leather boots. The primary key here is to eliminate any lingering dust or debris. We do this step because lingering dust or debris can affect the result of your saddle soap application.
  • Make sure to provide areas with seams with exceptional care as these areas are where dirt is most likely to collect. 
  • Using an old brush, you can clean hard to reach places, like where the leather attaches to the boot sole. Then you do it; you can start applying the saddle soap.

Apply the Soap

apply the saddle soap to the leather

Counting on the item you use, you will add saddle soap to most kinds of leather boots. You do that by placing it onto the surface with a clean rag or a sponge. 

  • Add a little quantity of saddle soap to the rag. Then start rubbing the cloth through the whole area of the item.
  • More like applying wax to your car, the cleaner will not be visible as you continue rubbing it across the surface.
  • Rub it in clockwise motions until the saddle soap completely disappears if this step is too hard for you to divide the leather boot surface into many sections and then apply them with saddle soap in sequence. 
  • Continue doing this till covering the whole surface of your leather boot. Once you reach your desired result, a dry clean rag, wipe any excess soap from the leather.

 Apply Leather Conditioners

When you clean your leather boots, you can apply some extra conditioners or polish products. You can choose the conditioners according to the kind of your garment. 

You have to select excellent conditioners or oils to keep your leather softer and elastic and protect it from running and other damages related to exposure to the elements. It also will protect your leather from wear and tear.

Allow the Leather to Dry

leave the leather boots to dry

After you clean and condition the leather boots, you must leave them for a proper time to dry. This step will help the leather boots to absorb the conditioners before being ready to use. This period will range from two hours to the entire day.

Let your leather shoes dry naturally. Never place it close to any heat source as this can result in several huge damages and undo all your work.

The final step (Optional)

While using the polish depends on your garment kind, wax and most polishes apply an additional coat that protects your leather and gives it a water-repelling feature. 

But instead of that, using a water-repellent spray for leather garments and gears will prevent water from entering through the surface during a rainy day. 

 Saddle soap types 

After you know how to use saddle soap on boots, it is essential to know about the saddle soap types. Generally speaking, you can apply saddle soap on all kinds of leather garments. However, there are a lot of saddle soaps brands in the market. 

Neither of them has the same quality, nor each of them is the best for all types of leather garments.

First of all, you should select a soap manufactured from natural ingredients and avoid chemicals and artificial replacements.

Second, you should consider the color of your leather boots which you want to clean and condition. 

They come in white and yellow colors. Yellow saddle soap is best suited for conditioning black, dark brown, and various dark-colored leather. In contrast, the white option is ideal to use for light-colored leather. 

This uniqueness would be essential as it will help you to avert even a little discoloration of your lighter leather items. If a bit of color change bothers you, then this feature will be right for you.

Finally, you have to know what kind of garments are not allowed to apply saddle soap on it. 

Some of these materials are suede, nubuck, and different sensitive garments. However, you can always use the manufacturer’s guidelines. 

 However, you will find that leather soap is safe to use for almost all types of leather garments.

How to use saddle soap on boots to remove stains

You can use Saddle soap to remove stains. Be sure to know how to use saddle soap on boots properly and the whole care instructions before applying them. With a cloth, clean the leather as much as possible, you can apply the saddle soap.

 To know how to use saddle soap on boots, follow these steps to do this properly.

  • Start by wiping the leather using a barely damp cloth.
  • Rub the slightly moist cloth within the soap and then apply it to the stain.
  • You can continue buffing it until it shines or gets in touch with more water for rinsing.
  • A little amount of water would not harm your leather boots but don’t run over hit.
  • To remove an oil stain, a small amount of cornstarch can make it easier.
  • On the other hand, if you want to remove Ink stains, add a little rubbing alcohol.
  • Start conditioning your leather when you finish your work. If the spots have large size, you may want to ask for specialized advice.

 Prepare your homemade saddle soap.

After you know how to use saddle soap on boots, it is time to understand how to prepare your handmade saddle soap. You can make Low-cost saddle soap in your home. This method may be better for some people than purchasing a commercial item. Because the components added may cause harm to leather.

Be sure to wear protective gloves during the preparation process. It would be best if you handled lye, which is a pretty heavy-duty material. 

Be Careful not to burn your skin. Wear an apron during cooking as lye must not contact the clothes that you wear regularly.

Prepare your needed materials. You’ll use two pots made from stainless steel or any other heat-resistant material: a stainless steel spoon and several jars or boxes to keep the product. 

You will also use beeswax, pure flake lye, soap shaving, water, and pure gum turpentine. You can buy these components from grocery stores, hardware shops, and health food markets.

  • Bring one pot and place 6.25 parts beeswax, ten parts pure flake lye, and ten parts water. Start boiling the mix for 5 minutes. remember to stir the mixture continuously
  • Bring the other pot. Start melting two parts of Castile shavings and ten parts of water. When the soap converts to liquid, pour it into the first mix.
  • Pick the pot up from the heat, then add 15 parts turpentine. Put the mix into a container, cover, and keep the saddle soap in adry and a cool place at your house. 
  • The soap will not come with any expiration date. You can store it until you want and use it with no fears.
  • After you do this, clean your workplace carefully. Continue wearing the protective gloves during the cleaning process. 

Lye can cause harm to your body if ingested, so you have to be sure that your kitchen does not contain any lye traces before you use it for cooking and eating again.

 Alternatives for saddle soap

As saddle soaps can cause leather drying and cracking. there are several alternatives you can use instead of saddle soap

You can use the wipes easily; however, they will not work on seep, fixed stains. While Neatsfoot and Mineral oil can do that. 

Baby oil can also work if you can withstand a fresh, diapered baby scent. But remember, each of them has its features. We will compare them and saddle soap features.

Saddle Soap and. Mink Oils

What are Mink Oils?

Mink oil is a kind of leather conditioner that has a waterproofing feature. It is always added to leather in a paste form to provide it with the necessary protection. Mink oil is not capable of is cleaning leather.

Comparison between mink oil and saddle soap

If you want to clean your leather boots, saddle soap will be the best option. Mink oil is not able to clean the leather items. If you have dirt stains on your shoes, mink oil will seal the spots in the leather. 

Because of that reason, if the leather has a stain, you must apply saddle soap first to lift the stains out. 

You can then use mink oil for preservation, conditioning, and adding waterproof features to your leather garments. 

Saddle soap includes several compounds that can make the leather softer. But mink oil does this job in a better way, after all. 

Using saddle soap for cleaning leather. It can take off some of the waxes and oils placed on the leather previously. So it can add a little conditioning effect and also remove oils and waxes. 

Mink oil can saturate the leather with a mixture of fats and waxes. So it’s a decent naturally weather roofing material. 

One of the main drawbacks of mink oil, it can cause leather darkening. There’s a strong possibility you will not see the original color again in your boots.

You should know how to use saddle soap on boots to remove some of the mink oil. You can use it when you are not satisfied with the darkening level. 

Saddle soap can clean the leather effectively. However, leather’s cell structure is very complicated for any soap type to entirely clean and remove all oils. So you’ll struggle to remove the whole darkening oils. 

Saddle soap will not provide any weather resistance feature. In contrast, Mink oil applies a mild waterproof. This feature is because of a fat-based compound that will saturate the leather. 

Still, mink oil can apply a solid coat of weather resistance to protect your leather from weather situations. 

Some Tips on how to use mink oil on leather products

The worst enemy of leather is its ability to dry out. When leather dries out, it will be weak, brittle; cracks begin to appear. 

You might already know that it is challenging and nearly impossible to repair leather cracks. For that reason, you must consider maintaining it slippery enough and conditioned.

 Oil once every week, a month. You can set the period according to how often you use your leather product. One more factor does the leather is exposed to water or dry conditions.

 Applying mink oil to new leather boots can make it softer, a little darker, and add a water-resistant feature. An essential quality of mink oil is its waterproofing abilities prowess.

You are using mink oil to treat leather products that you will use. You can start treating leather items that you left months ago, if not years, using mink oil. This action will make it come back to life again.

Mink oil used to clean leather items will always have a form of a paste. For applying mink oil, you have to select a mink oil brand and use a cleaning rag.

Apply a fair quantity of mink oil on your leather shoes. If you realize that you added an extra amount, start rubbing or spread it to different parts.

Try to apply the mink oil as evenly as you can on the leather. You must always work mink oil into the tight spots near the seams. 

You will do that because the seams are firstly affected by dryness. This action all can result in tearing up.

Finally, You will end your work when you cover each part of the leather with mink oil. Then leave the leather to dry. You can remove any excess quantity of mink oils from your leather. After applying the Mink oil, it will darken your leather and provide a greasy appearance.

Similarities of Mink Oil and Saddle Soap

Both of them are better for use on smooth surfaces. You should not apply them on suede or nubuck leather.

These oils do an excellent job on hard-wearing leathers like all types of working footwear and winter footwear.

The two of them can have a paste form. Both contain specialized oils that nourish the leather and add extra protection.  Both of these oils can cause leather darkening.

Differences of  Mink Oil and Saddle Soap

These are the main differences between both Mink Oil and Saddle Soap.

Comparison factor Mink oilSaddle Soap
Where they are come fromMink oil comes from mink fats from Mink pelts.Saddle soap is a proprietary compound.
Main IngredientMink oilMild Soap
FunctionUse for leather oiling.Use for leather cleaning.
ApplicationThere is no need to use water. Also, it works the residue within the leather.You have to use warm water with saddle soap to achieve some lather. 
The full soap suds are then removed from the leather entirely.

Effect on LeatherMink oil causes the leather to become greasy.Saddle soap mainly makes the leather make lather or become damp and sometimes wet.

Saddle Soap and Leather Conditioners

What is leather conditioners?

Leather conditioners are compounds that the leather can absorb easily. It can nourish the leather and restore its flexibility. 

When leather items lose their natural oils and moisture, they lose flexibility and begin to crack. With proper use. this will ruin their overall look. leather conditioners can preserve the boots from these cracks

Differences between Saddle Soap and Leather Conditioners

There is a big difference between these two compounds. It is more such as the variety between shampoo and conditioners. 

The soap is used for removing dirt and oil. in contrast, the leather conditioners can nourish the product and maintain it in good shape and enhance your leather general look.

Like washing your hair before adding the conditioner, make sure to apply leather conditioners on clean leather. 

The lanolin in saddle soap can make the material softer, and other products come with a conditioning factor in them.

Use only high-quality conditioners or oils. It will keep your leather boots softer and has great flexibility. It protects the leather products from cracks.  

At the same time, it will take any damage that occurs from exposing it to the elements and the usual wear and tear.

Saddle Soap and Glycerin Soap

What is glycerin soap?

They are soaps that involve glycerin components and fat or oil material. You can recognize it from any other soaps due to its translucent features. 

This transparency feature is due to the unique alignment of the molecules in this kind of soap. You can get this result by adding an amount of alcohol and sugar. 

Differences between Saddle Soap and Glycerin Soap

Glycerin is a component in various saddle soaps. It is a great choice to moisturize and condition leather garments.

 It is unable to evaporate and also chemically stable. It prevents highly alkaline soap from causing a lot of leather damage.

Some individuals love to apply glycerin soap more than saddle soap. Please pay more attention when you add glycerin soap on black leather to convert the black leather into green. 

How to apply glycerin compound?

All you need to do is to follow these steps.

  • Take off the whole fittings and buckles, and with a moist, soft cloth, start wiping down the surface of the leather to eliminate loose dirt, hair, or moisture.
  • Apply the cleaner directly and equally into the leather and rub over the leather with a slightly damped cloth until clean.
  • Remove any excess glycerin using a dry rag.

Never apply it on suede or nubuck leathers and test in an unobvious area before you use it.

Household materials that you can use to clean leather products  

There are some products at your home that you can use for the cleaning process. These items will give a similar result to those you will purchase.

 It would be best to consider that even those household products could do a good job; it is worth investing in some leather care goods, particularly when you have more than a pair of leather footwear.

Household materials for the cleaning process

Items Use Verdict
ToothbrushAs a brushYou can use it for that hard to reach areas.
Baking SodaTo eliminate odors and take oil/grease stain off.When you use this item in powder form, it helps to eliminate odor. 
It is essential to get rid of stains when combined with water.

Dish SoapA cleaner materialUse it to clean the leather surface and dilute it enough to prevent leather damage.
VaselineUsed for scratches movementIt does a good job but not as good as a regular shoe polish or leather conditioner.
VinegarUse for removing odors from your boots.

 It also eliminates salt stains from the leather surface.
You can use it to clean and deodorize your pair of boots. But remember to use a diluted solution.
Talcum Powder eliminates grease stains on your leather surfacewhen you mix it with a small amount of water and then apply it to the spots

It does a good job. Just make sure to remove all of it from the boot when you are finished.

Frequently asked questions about how to use saddle soap on boots.

1-How often should I apply saddle soap?

Consider that you should regularly apply saddle soap to leather items, but also not too much. You need to use saddle soap or other conditioners on your boots once a few months for better results. 

 By doing that, you will provide your leather boots with maximum protection and durability. it also increases the lifetime of your leather products

However, using too much saddle soap will do more harm than good. For that reason, it is better to apply saddle soap on your boots only once from two to three months. 

After all, saddle soap is a material you need to use to clean your leather deeply, not for daily maintenance.

2-Is saddle soap suitable for leather?

It’s not usually the ideal selection. The mild soap has a high alkaline ratio. Besides, it can also affect the leather’s tanning agents

All of that might made cracks in the leather and also made it a little harder. It might damage or darken leather. 

A cleaner with pH-balance is more recommended. If you tend to use a soap saddle like kiwi saddle soap, make sure to apply good and deep conditioners after it.

3-Should I apply saddle soap on leather footwear?

If you do, only one maybe two times each two or three months. Use soap saddle for deep cleaning, not for everyday cleaning.

4-How to use saddle soap on boots and shoes?

Similar to any other cleaning product, firstly, get the leather clean and damp. Start applying the soap in clockwise motions until you get a thick coat covering the whole area. 

Using a clean, soft rag, removes the excess soap and leave them a little. Once the boots look entirely dried, you may condition the leather to provide it with a great protection level from getting damaged.

5-Do I need to use water with a saddle soap?

Yes, you do. It works only with water. Soap molecules tend to link with dirt and oil and trap them with it. However, water is used to wash and get rid of all of this.

6-Do you wash saddle soap with a running tap?

You can wipe it using a soft, damp cloth. If you hold it under a running tap, the leather product will be well soaked.

7-How long does saddle soap need to dry?

It ranges from two hours to the whole day should be enough. 

8-How to use saddle soap on boots like nubuck boots, and is it safe?

It is better not to do it. Saddle soap seems more like any abrasive material. It is better if you place it as far away as much as you can from nubuck. 

It is better to use it for cleaning, but you must use a minimum amount as you can. If you have to clean the leather, you can use highly diluted soap flakes.

9-Can saddle soap remove wax?

It can remove many coats of wax and dirt. it is necessary if you have to polish your boots

10-Does saddle soap add a waterproof feature to the leather?

Both lanolin and beeswax are used for a period to add a waterproof feature to the leather. So yes, saddle soap can add a waterproof component to your leather if you apply it sparingly.

11-Does saddle soap makes the leather softer?

If it is composed of neatsfoot oil, it might make the leather softer and condition it. Lanolin also works as a softening agent.

12-How to use saddle soap on boots to remove shoe polish?

Yes, you can. Saddle soap can penetrate through every layer and each part of the leather surface to clean every single inch of it.

13- Mink oil or saddle oil, which is better to use?

If you want to clean your pair of boots, such as cowboy boots, saddle soap will be more than enough. Knowing how to use saddle soap on boots for this purpose is essential. It is a fundamental compound in every boot care kit.

 There is no need for using saddle soap at this time; however, when you use your boots in the mud or get salt stains on them, you should know how to use saddle soap on boots to get rid of all of that. 

However, saddle soap will not work like other conditioners. Although it is made of little conditioning ingredients, you can not maintain your boots with only saddle soap. 

After all, you have to apply leather conditioners on the leather, even if you already used saddle soap on them.

Mink oil is an excellent choice to condition leather and makes it softer. one more bonus, it provides a lot of weather resistance to the leather garments. one major downside is that mink oil can change the leather’s color forever. 

14-Can I add mink oil on new shoes?

It doesn’t look like a great decision to apply mink oil on a new leather product. It will cause leather darkening with several shades. 

However, if you purchased these boots for work and the color will not be essential for you, mink oil will be great to apply for extra leather protection. In this case, mink oil will be a good selection for you. This article involves a lot of information about mink oil; you can see it.  

15-Can mink oil harm leather?

Mink oil nourishes and provides the leather with great protection. It applies an extra coat for weather resistance as well. 

This layer allows a product from leather-like shoes or boots to withstand severe conditions. Mink oil does an excellent job for a leather product, but it can darken the color significantly.

Final verdict

How to use saddle soap on boots? Saddle soap is one of the famous footwear care products used for cleaning, conditioning, and preserving the main leather. you can apply to almost all kinds of leather

Its primary use is for cleaning as it can remove even the most severe stains. But it contains some ingredients that add some conditioning features as well.

It is used to clean condition and preserve your footwear product from leather-like cowboy boots and others a little bit.

But remember, it is better to use for cleaning, with no daily maintenance. Before you apply it to your boots, you should know how to use saddle soap on boots without causing any harm to your leather product.  This article will provide you with all the instructions to do it well.

If you have any inquiries about using saddle soap on boots, you can contact us via the comments.

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