HOW TO STOP BOOTS FROM SQUEAKING|10 simple techniques.

 Despite the fact that shoes and boots are the most useful and famous footwear, they might have some annoying issues such as squeaking.

A pair of squeaking boots is not only super annoying to others but also super embarrassing to you. They can make you feel self-conscious with every step you take.

With every step you take on your squeaky boots, you rotate many eyeballs on you. That’s why in this article, we will tell you how to stop boots from squeaking from the comfort of your home.

This problem is super duper simple, so is its solution. All of the following solutions do not require any special skills, but they can work differently based on the boots you have


Now you have to determine the following:

  • Locate the reason for the squeak
  • Are your boots new or not?
  • Did the boots get wet?
  • How old are the boots?

#1 Locate the reason behind the squeak

You just got a brand new pair of boots?  Do they have manufacturing imperfections? Did they get wet the last time you wore them? are these squeaks sounds resulting from gummy outsoles sticking to a smooth ground? Or from insoles squishing inside the boots?

Once you locate the reason for these squeaks, you can know what to do about it.

#2 Are your shoes new or not

Well, new boots often squeak. They are more likely to squeak if they are heavy-duty boots or cowboy boots made from thick leather or if they have safety features such as met-guard or safety toe.

Due to friction, when a stiff leather rubs against the steel toe’s metal, it produces these unfamiliar squeaks.

#3 Did the boots get wet?

A wet pair of boots is highly prone to squeaking. The insoles, the sole, and the inner lining of your boots are built to be somewhat spongy to offer your feet all-day comfort.

These spongy parts, by their turn, can soak a lot of water on the inside. When you walk in those wet boots, the water inside gets pressurized and seeps out of the boot, Causing your boots to make these noisy squeaks.

#4 How old are the boots?

Your old dying boots might also squeak when walking in them. They may develop some cracks as their leather may get stiff once more, and the sole may become loose.

All these imperfections of your old pair of boots can cause them to make unattractive squeaks.

When your shoe is brand new, it has a high grip, which also makes it emit squeaks

Have you determined the reason for the squeak? Perfect. Now let’s find out together How to stop boots from squeaking.

Method NO.1:  Reduce Friction with Talcum Powder


 If you are walking in your boots and suddenly hear squeaking coming from the inside of your boots, don’t freak out! It is just your insoles rubbing against the rubber underneath.

Talcum powder or baby powder makes a protective layer between the insole and sole of your boots and stops them from squeaking.

It will also reduce moisture and absorbs odors, providing extra benefits for your feet.

First, remove the insole from the inside of the boots

“Insole” refers to the padded layer of fabric resting at the interior bottom of your boot. Then get your hand inside each boot and start prying up the insole with your fingertip.

After prying the edge of the insoles up, pull them on to remove them from your boots.

 If your boots don’t provide removable insoles and find it hard to lift the insoles out, they are probably glued into the base.

If the insoles are glued into the base, feel free to rip them out and re-glue them later. You can also keep them unglued to wear your footwear easily.

Second, apply a layer of talcum powder or baby powder inside your boots

After removing the insoles, grab a bottle of talcum powder. Lift your boot and start sprinkling around two tablespoons (50 g) of talcum powder into the boots.

Then Shake your pair of boots back and forth for spreading the talcum powder around the bottom of them.

(if you like, You can also use a thin paper towel, corn starch, or napkin instead of talcum powder ).

Third, slide the insoles back into their place. 

Slide each insole back into the boots. Then press down on each insole to make sure they are inserted back into their original positions.

Then wear your boots and walk around for a little while to ensure that the insoles are comfortably in place and there are no more squeaks.

As moisture breaks down, the powder, after some time, will erode away into the fibers of the rubber, and you might hear your boots start squeaking again.

If they do, simply reapply some more layer of talcum powder.

Method NO.2: The conditioning oil to soften your shoes

If the upper of your shoe is the culprit then this is the perfect method for you.

One of the easiest ways to combat that is to rub some conditioning oil using a clean piece of cloth into your boots.

You can use mink oil, coconut oil, or leather conditioner. You can apply this on your squeaky cowboy boots and leather boots.

The following steps will nourish your boots and make them feel so soft. And there will be no space for any squeak.

  1. Remove the laces from the shoes and clean them using some stiff-bristled brush.
  2. Then take some piece of cloth and put it into the oil.
  3. Apply the oil on the upper, sides, tongue, and back of the shoes using the cloth.
  4. Repeat the process when needed.

Method NO.3: Dry your boots

If trapped water is the reason why your shoes squeak, you will need to dry them out. Here are the easiest ways to dry your wet boots and get rid of the unwanted water in them.

  1. Add some fabric softener onto a washcloth or a sponge.
  2. Put the sponge with your squeaky boots straight into the dryer.
  3. DO NOT leave them in the dryer for more than ten minutes, or you are gonna end up with heat-damaged, shrunken pair of shoes.

You can also dry them by hanging them in a dry and warm place.

hanging shoes

Drying your pair of shoes with crumpled newspaper until they are snug will also get the job done. Just leave them overnight, and the papers will draw the moisture out of your footwear.

drying shoes with newspaper

You might think that leaving your wet shoes out in the sun is a brilliant idea; actually, the heat from the sun can damage the leather of your lovely pair of shoes.

So when drying your shoes, just be patient and leave them somewhere away from direct sunlight.

Method NO.4: soften your soles

First, Dryer sheets

If your boots squeak when walking on flat surfaces, you can reduce that using dryer sheets.

  1. Take a dryer sheet and rub it against the sole’s surface for distributing the residue equally over the entire body. The residue will stick into the bottom of the sole, giving a layer of lubrication.

This light layer of lubrication is efficient enough to stop your boots from squeaking.

  • Repeat the process two or three times with one more dryer sheet.

You can also remove the liner from the sole of your boots and put a dryer sheet or a paper towel between the liner and sole.

 Dryer sheets will reduce the amount of moisture in your soles and stop squeaking.

Second, scrape the soles using fine sandpaper


If your leather boots or cowboy boots are squeaking on a smooth cement or bad floors, then they won’t get much benefit from the light lubrication. Here is another method, which is using fine sandpaper.

You need to create some grip with a sheet of sandpaper of grit (60 to 120).

All you need to do is take the piece of sandpaper and rub it against the bottom of your soles, forth and back.

That process will create an uneven grip and mute your boots on slick surfaces.

Method NO.5:  Check the tongue and laces

In some cases, the tongue and laces of your shoes might rub against each other boot causing your boots to squeak.

They are visible areas, so sprinkling some talcum powder or using dryer sheets won’t be appropriate here.

 In such a case, you can apply an amount of leather oil or coconut oil to the tongue to stop your leather boots from squeaking.

Method NO.6: Saddle soap

Saddle soap is a lubricant for leather made to treat horse saddles. If the squeaking is coming from the top part of your boot, then the friction between your sides and tongue must be the key problem.

Saddle soap

Some saddle soaps need water to activate them. You will need to pour some water into the top of the soap to soften it after opening the lid.

 And then follow the next steps:

  • Untie the laces of each boot.
  • Soak a clean cloth into the soap.
  • Use your hand to brace the backside of your boots’ tongue.
  • Scrub the tongue with the microfiber cloth by circular strokes.
  • Work up and down the tongue three to four times to lubricate the leather.

Method NO.7: Use liquid silicon

If you are wondering how to fix the squeaking boots problem, Silicone would be a good idea.

Silicon is water- repellent and super stable at high temperatures; that’s why it is used in lubricants, glues oils, beauty products, and the repair of shoes, of course.

All you need to do is:

  1. Point the sprayer’s nozzle on and spray around the squeaking area.
  2. Then let the Silicone dry.

These steps are ideal in stopping leather boots from squeaking

Method No.8:  Rubber cement adhesive

Also known as the cow gum, It is designed in a way that it can be applied and peeled off later without any damage, which makes it is perfect to be used in the front part of the shoe.

Sometimes the problem is not in your shoes. It is the flooring system. So whatever the kind of shoe you are wearing, it will still squeak while walking on this floor.

If you have to walk on this floor every day, wh don’t you consider applying some rubber cement in the front of your shoes to get rid of the squeaking sound problem?  

That will stop squeaking and will protect you from a lot of embarrassment.

Method NO.9: Consider paying cobbler a visit


As your shoes get older, they tend to have worn-out bottom soles or loose insoles, which can cause them to produce squeaky sounds.

If you have a pair of expensive leather boots that squeak, you better take them to the nearest shoe repair shop instead of throwing them out.

You are not the only one who suffers the squeaks; there are many wearers who go to the shoe repair shop to seek help.

The experienced cobbler will most probably help you to fix your beloved boots.

Method NO.10: Give your new boots good wear time

A new pair of shoes is usually squeaky and needs a little bit of time until they break in and feel comfortable on your feet.

In such a case, try to have some patience and wear them indoors before going out. That will stop your boots from speaking in public.

Other easy ways and tricks to stop your boots squeak

Petroleum jelly

When your insole starts to make noise as they begin to rub against the inside of your leather boots or cowboy boots, Use a thin layer of petroleum jelly under the insole.

 That will make the parts rub against each other easier. 

Fix loose heels

Tried everything, and still, your boots squeak?  Then you should examine the heels of your squeaking boots to see if there are some gaps or not.

If you find the trouble spots, use some glue in the seam around the heel, then use your hands or a clamp to keep it tight until the glue dries.

Attach the soles properly

If the soles of your leather boots got detached, they would also make your boots squeak. So you need to use some superglue to attach the soles back.

For more durability, you can use a gum piece and then stitch the sole and the upper properly.

Clean your soles of grit and sand

Take a piece of cloth and dip it in some clean water, then wipe away the outer sole of your boots, which will make you get rid of grit and sand that may be lodging on the sole and making these noisy squeaks.

Then dry your boots with a dry piece of cloth. And notice the difference.

Return your pair of Squeaking boots

If your shoe is brand new and has a manufacturing problem, you can simply return it.

Just check the return policy of the place you got your shoe from and see whether it is possible to exchange them with different new shoes or not.

Try this solution before doing any DIY techniques on your shoe.

Frequently Asked Question about how to stop boots from squeaking.

1- How do boots squeak? (The squeaky mechanics)

  • The noise that your boots are producing is mainly sound energy. This sound has resulted from the vibration of two surfaces rubbing against each other.
  • You must have dealt with a squeaky thing before, haven’t you? Maybe the brakes of your car while driving. These brakes basically should not be squeaking, and whenever they do, there must be a problem.
  • Squeaky boots are not so different from that. But with no threat to your life like that with your brakes.
  • The reason behind the squeaking of your boots is how the upper section of them is attached to the sole of the boots. The sole is that part of your boot found under your foot and contacts with the ground.
  • This upper section is mainly everything above the sole.
  • When your nice cowboy boots or leather boots are manufactured, there could be some chances for some imperfections to occur when the two sections are being put together.
  • At first, this might be just a minor issue. However, a super small amount of friction between those two components could cause your leather boots to create a super annoying sound later on.
  • It is very challenging for the manufacturer to tell if there is a problem at the production stage most of the time, as the squeaking begins when the owner of the new boots starts walking in them.

2- What are the common causes of squeaky heels?

  • You don’t fit right in the boots.
  • You wear your footwear barefoot
  • Your new heels are taking some time to be broken in.
  • There are collected moisture inside the shoe.
  •  Your pair of shoes got slick bottoms to need to be roughed up.
  • The tongue or body of your footwear needs to be conditioned
  • The boots are bad-quality, and their bottoms might be getting loose

3- Why do leather shoes squeak?

The main reason why leather boots squeak is that they are not moisturized or not taken care of properly. After stopping your leather boots squeak, follow the next tips:

  • Keep your leather boots in a box to keep them away from any damage.
  • Store them in a cool, dry place.
  • Use a leather conditioner, saddle soap, or conditioning oil always to moisturize the outside of your leather boots.

4- Why do my Air forces squeak?

Airforce shoes usually squeak because of the insole of your shoe. Friction is mainly created by the tongue of the shoe, causing squeaking.

Noticeable damage such as holes in the fabric can also cause squeaks.

5- How to stop the orthotic lined shoes from squeaking?

You can fix your orthotics lined orthotics by using talcum powder.

It’s pretty easy, just take out the orthotics and sprinkle talcum powder in the shoe. The powder will act as a lubricant between the orthotics and the shoe, eliminating the squeaks.

6- How to stop your cowboy boots from squeaking?


  • If the Squeak sounds come from the inside of your cowboy boots, this is because of the friction between the cowboy boots’ bottom and insole.
  • That happens mostly with the rubber soles and keep in your mind that the more moisture in your insoles, the more squeaks you gonna hear.
  • For solving such a problem, you need to follow the talcum powder method. You can use any powder you have in your home as cornstarch.
  • That method is excellent for stopping your cowboy boots from squeaking, as powders perfectly reduce friction and absorb moisture.
  • It is recommended for removable insoles to use a boot dryer, too, as it will keep your cowboy boots dry inside and avoid annoying squeaks.
  • For non-removable insoles, try to remove them using your hands, apply some talcum powder, and use specialized glue to glue them back in place at last.
  • If you find it super hard to remove your cowboy boot insole, you might need the help of a repair shop.


  • If the Squeaks come from your boots’ bottom, the problem must be in the outsole of your cowboy boot.
  • That is most common with the outsoles made from rubber.
  • Rubber soles can squeak when exposed to flat surfaces such as wood and granite floors, especially if it is a pair of new cowboy boots.
  • The easiest method to fix such a problem is to walk in your boots a lot. The squeaks will go away when the outsole gets familiar with your steps.
  • You can also use sandpaper; it will do the job.


When squeaks come from the top and side of your cowboy boot, this is most probably because of the tight instep of the boots. The following methods will help to reduce the noisy sounds of your boots:

  • Boot Instep Stretcher
  • Saddle soap
  • Spray water & Steam inside the boots
  • Boot Stretch Spray
  • Leather Conditioner, Lotion
  • hairdryer
  • ice

Your cowboy boots usually need time to break in. you can shorten this time and stretch your cowboy boots by various methods as using a boot stretcher, lotion, and alcohol.

Many cowboy boots start to have a squeaking sound after being used for a long time; the reason could be their dirt.

You should remove all the stains and sand on your cowboy boots by cleaning them always using a damp cloth, special brushes, leather cleaner, boot conditioner, or dry towels.

7- How to stop the fake leather boots squeak?

  • Fake leather boots are cheap alternatives to luxurious costly leather; they have various colors and shapes, just like real leather.
  • Faux-leather, unfortunately, can make squeaky noises too. You can stop these squeaks through the following steps
  • rub mink oil into the synthetic leather.
  • Leave the boot in the fresh air away from direct sunlight for 24 hours to absorb the oil.
  • Apply a foam shoeshine polish of the same color as your faux leather with a sponge on the boot’s surface.

Then say bye-bye to squeaks!

8- How to stop flip flops from squeaking?

WD40 and Silicone spray

  • Both WD40 and silicone spray are super useful in removing squeaks. Spray one of these lubricants on a cotton swab or ball, and then rub it into the outsole of your footwear.
  • Be careful as these lubricants require a careful application as they might damage your flip flops.

The water-displacing method

  • Fill a spray bottle with water and olive oil. Shake the bottle well, then spray the squeaky parts.

Rubber cement

  • Apply rubber cement on the squeaky part of your flip-flops’ outsole and let it dry completely. That will make a protective between the flip flop and the floor and will stop the squeaks.

Use wax

  • Use candle wax or beeswax to make a non-abrasive barrier between the floor and your flip flops. This barrier will stop the squeaky noise. And will help you walk silently.

Reattach the soles

  • The soles might make annoying squeaks if they got detached. If there is a gap between the upper and bottom of the flip flop, you better use super glue to fill the gap.
  • Let the glue dry for 24 hours before you try on your flip flops.

A paper towel

  • If you don’t have baking powder or baby powder, you can use a paper towel instead.
  • Put a paper towel on the footbed of the flip flop. Then leave the flip flop for 24 hours. That will absorb moisture kept in the flip flop, which will help to reduce the squeaking.     

Bottom line

Squeaking boots are irritating and noisy, but the good news is that you can easily deal with them. You just need to isolate the located squeaky area and choose the best product for it.

After knowing how to stop squeaking, you should know that the upper, insoles, the outsoles, and the laces are the most commonly squeaky parts.

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