How To Get The Creases Out Of Leather Boots? 6 Best Techniques To Do That

Leather boots enhance your look and add a stylish touch to your personality, but not with the creases.

Sometimes, some ugly creases may appear on your leather boots due to age or carelessness, making your boot fit for a thrift store only. In this case, you should think about how to get the creases out of leather boots.

Creases develop on the leather over time, and it might not be visible in the early days but gradually tend to ruin the boots look in the long run. For that reason, it is essential to treat the creases from the beginning.

This article will tell you about six different methods that will teach you how to get creases out and return the sophisticated look to your leather boots.

Before we start, you have to know why the creases appear in the first place to end the problem from it is rooted.

Some reasons that cause creases on your leather boots

The factors below are the leading causes of the appearance of creases on the boots. By knowing them, you will be able to save your pair from developing wrinkles once treated.

Wrong Storage: 

If you leave your boots with several things piling on them or store the shoes without a box, they will get undesired creases and wrinkles. So, the first step to save the boots from creases will be keeping them in their boxes.

Wrong Maintenance: 

Letting the boots go dry is another reason for the appearance of creases. Dried leather is bound to develop wrinkles and some cracks that are hard to repair. So, regularly nourish the boots with effective leather oil.

Haste While Wearing:

Haste While Wearing is the most significant cause for the development of creases, especially around the heel area.

Please take enough time to undo and redo laces when you wear the boots. If your shoes are not slip-on, don’t force your feet into them.

The quality of the leather 

Quality is an essential factor that has to be considered. While leather with the high quality might be creased over time if it is not treated correctly, leather with low quality will develop creases from its beginning, which might not be visible at first sight.

The design of the boot

Boot design also plays an essential factor in developing creases. Semi cap toes or full cap toes will not develop creases very quickly. But whole cut boots and plain toes would create wrinkles so easily.

Boots made from multiple layers of leather develop fewer wrinkles than those made from one piece of leather.

But what about your current leather shoes that already have developed some creases? The damage has already happened. Is it reversible?

Luckily, creases appearing on your leather shoes are reversible. There are a lot of ways to remove it but with some limits.

You can remove the entire slight wrinkles from your leather shoes, but for big and wide creases, you can make them less noticeable.

Six methods to get rid of creases on your leather boots.

1. Ironing technique

2. Steamer method 

3. Blow Some Heat

4- An Oil Massage technique

5-. Spray Some Alcohol

 6-Use a Tree

Now it is time to mention the procedures of each one of these methods. Are you ready?

6 Best Techniques of How To Get The Creases Out Of Leather Boots

1. Use an iron

Use iron to remove leather boots greases-How To Get The Creases Out Of Leather Boots

You can use the iron technique to get creases out from your leather shoes the same way you do with clothes’ wrinkles. 

By far, the iron method is the most effective one. If you want to use this one, you have to do it carefully because the high temperature can burn the leather. You can work with the iron technique by following these steps.

  • Remove laces from the shoes.
  • Stuff the leather shoes with cardboard inserts and paper
  • Pour some water on your boots to make the material less prone to burn.
  • Then cover the shoes with a piece of wet clothes.
  • Set the steam iron to a low-temperature degree and let it be heated a little.
  • Iron the shoes only in the area with creases.
  • Remove the cloth and leave the boots for drying.

The key here is keeping the temperature low. Suppose you want to use this technique many times.

Make sure to start with the lowest temperature and increase it gradually with each round. 

2. Steamer technique 

Use the Steamer to Get Creases Out Of Leather Boots

 The steamer method will stretch the material with steam and work the creases out of it. This method is a little less risky than the iron one mentioned above:

  • Get the laces out of the boots
  • Put it on a shoe tree and stuff them to your foot shape
  • Put a washcloth over the toe box
  • Get the creases out through the washcloth, and lightly touch it with the steamer
  • Do not leave the steamer in only one spot, and continue until you cover the whole covered area
  • The steam will help to stretch the leather.
  • Leave the boot uncovered for drying and also to reshape on the tree for a few weeks 
  • You will notice the creases are disappearing.

 3. Blow Some Heat

Blow some heat method to remove leather boots greases

This method follows the same old principle: stretch the material using a high temperature and work out the creases. This one is just achieved by a different heat source, a dryer or heat gun. 

The principle here is that you don’t heat any area on the leather shoes too much. You will continue to move your hands, and don’t let the dryer hover over one spot for more than 3 seconds.

If you decide to choose this one, then you should ensure that you have the largest shoe tree that you can have.

Because this technique works better when the shoes are fully stretched.  To get it done right, follow these steps:

  • Put your shoes on the tree
  • Keep the dryer 6 inches away from your boots. Always move the blow dryer or heat gun so that the leather shoes don’t get burnt
  • When you are done, you can start to take the creases of your hands as possible. Do it when the rubber is still hot and rub the creases against the tree so that the shoes are molded back to the original form
  • Leave the shoe for a while to cool down, and then you can polish and condition them
  • You must keep in your mind that too much heat can lead to darkened leather. For that reason, you have to observe the distance between the leather and the blow dryer

You can choose to do this with darker shoes. It would help if you also avoided much heating towards the heels as they can lose their form.

As you see, this is an excellent way to remove creased leather, but it has its risks. Understand the process carefully before doing it.

4- An Oil Massage technique

An Oil Massage technique to remove leather boots greases

This technique is ideal for light creases. You have to use oil meant for leather use.

  • Start by applying a few oil drops on the creased boot surface
  • Massage the leather shoes to make them softer
  • Now place the shoe on the tree to reshape them

A good thing about the oil massage method is that it works with minor and light wrinkles; it also conditions the leather to make it withstand the formation of future ones.

5-. Spray Some Alcohol

Spray Some Alcohol to Remove Leather Boots Greases

Alcohol helps to relax the leather by opening its pores. This relaxation can flatten the boots‘ creases very well. To do this, follow these steps.

  • Full a clean and empty spray bottle with a solution of half water, half alcohol. ( A 50-50 mixture)
  • Spray the liquid mixture onto the creases and gently massage it into the leather. 
  • Leave the shoe to dry in the right place, and then treat it with a quality polish or leather conditioner
  • Then, place it on a stretcher to keep it stretched.

This technique works on new to moderately old wrinkles, but keep in mind that alcohol can cause leather drying, leading to more wrinkles in the future. so minimize the quantity as possible

6-Use a Tree

 a shoe tree method to remove leather boots greases

A cedar tree will do wonders for you. So when you are not wearing your leather shoes, use the tree.

It will stretch the boot leather smoothly, and there is another extra feature that takes care of your shoe odors and absorbs moisture.

There are trees fixed in a permanent position and others that can be adjusted.

If your shoe came with cardboard inserts, then you can use them to keep your shoe in its shape. But If you have none, then you can use newspapers or old socks.

This one is an excellent solution for maintaining your shoes’ shape when you are not wearing them. But keep in mind that your shoes have the same risks of wrinkling when you wear them.

Some tips to Prevent Creases

Use a shoehorn: 

You may want to try a shoehorn when putting your shoes on. This shoehorn will help to reduce the stress on the heels.

Shoving the foot suddenly in the shoe stresses the leather and leads to more wrinkles.

Remove gently

Remove your boot gently. Sit down, hold the boot, and then pull off. Do not press your other boot on the toe area to pull off your shoes, as that will increase the crease.

Use a shoe tree

When you are not using the boots, put newspapers or cedar shoe trees to stuff them to your foot shape.

The cedars prevent odor and moisture from building up, which helps to reduce the creasing possibilities.

Cedar trees also help the boots to keep their original shape. By using a cedar tree or newspapers, you reduce the warping possibilities.

Use a moisture-free toe box

Don’t put any objects on the toe box. During traveling, put the boots in a container for better protection. You have to use a moisture free box.

Use the appropriate shoe Polish and conditioner

You have to polish and moisturize your boots. The more you wear them, the more maintenance they need.

Use the appropriate shoe polish and conditioner. The conditioner must have moisturizing properties too.

Let the boots to dry naturally

Allows allowing natural drying. Don’t expose your boots to a high level of temperature or extreme cold, which will cause the leather to shrink.

If you use plastic trees instead of cedar, let the boots dry for 60 minutes. Put the trees in once the shoes are completely dried.

Use two pairs

You should have two pairs of shoes at least so you can alternate between them. If you have only one pair of boots, use the shoe trees to keep them in shape.

Do not use chemical materials

One of the ways to decrease creases risk is to prevent chemicals or detergent usage on leather footwear.

If your boots are dirty, use a horsehair brush and damp cloth to clean them. 

 Fix torn parts

Finally, If there is a torn part on the boot, sew it before doing anything.

​Frequently asked questions about how to work creases out of leather boots.

1- Why Do Shoes Crease?

Because of how your feet bend, any boots prone to be creased will tend to develop them around the foot, where the toes meet the feet. 

While our skin is continually being regenerated and replaced by new cells, on the other hand, boots are not. For that, after a period, the rubber of our shoes will wear out and age.

However, in some cases, boots will age faster than others. For example, boots that don’t fit well are more likely to bend and wrinkle. 

Some boot materials are also more prone to wrinkling than others; for example, leather tends to wrinkle and age over time, while cloth wears and tears as it ages.

2-What are the best ways to remove creases out from my leather boots?  

There are a lot of different methods that you can use to alleviate your leather boots of wrinkles.

You might even be overwhelmed by all these choices and wondering which one is the best for your shoes.

However, the answer is not always so simple as a general rule; keen on using the safer option as you can. 

That means the options that do not include as much heat or chemicals that may damage your boots. These methods include the use of alcohol or a heat gun to heat the shoes. 

On the other hand, these methods might be necessary if your boot has a more significant amount of wrinkles. It is best to stick with the safer options when you can.

3-Will ironing damage the leather?

Yes, high temperatures can cause leather damage, but there are simple precautions you can take to minimize that risk.

​ Set the iron’s temperature to low, and put a thick and damp cloth over the boots. Put significant amounts of water.

4- ​How long do I have to iron before the crease disappears from my boot?

If there is a lot of creases,​ ​It may need a while. If it doesn’t come off, you need to go over it again using the same process.

5- ​Is there any difference between removing creases from boots and shoes?

​​ The technique is the same, though; on heavy-duty boots, you need to do more ironing.

6- ​Is there any specific type of oil or conditioner that I should use after removing the creases?

  As long as it is for that leather type, for suede, full-grain, etc., your boots will be fine. Remember, oil your boots after cleaning, not before

7-Does leather shrink when you get in touch with water?

Yes, leather can shrinks when getting wet; that is why you should let the leather dry on a shoe tree to prevent shrinkage and creases. If you wet the leather material, stuff it at once to maintain it in the current shape.

8-How to revive dry, cracked leather?

Follow these steps to revive cracked leather.

  • Clean the leather material with a bar of soap or a leather cleaner
  • Let the leather material in the air to dry for one night or a few days if it is necessary
  • By using one of the methods we mentioned above, smooth the creases as best as you can
  • Use leather filler for the cracks
  • Wipe the excess filler away
  • Wait around six hours for the leather to dry
  • Condition the material until it is rehydrated

9-What oil is the best for leather?

The best oils for leather care are milk oil, leather honey oil, coconut oil, virgin olive oil, and essential lemon oil.

These oils are used for conditioning and fixed creased leather. You can also use baby oil to remove creases and shine your old leather boot.

  • To remove creases massage the boot with baby oil and use stuffing or a shoe tree to shape it
  • For shining boots, use a small amount of baby oil as needed and rub it in by using a polishing cloth

Final verdict

Hopefully, the tips and methods mentioned in this article have helped you understand that creases are normal and expected. 

This step by step guide will help you know how to get the creases out of leather boots.

As long as you have the materials you need and follow the right steps, your shoes and boots will look new and smooth again, and you should be able to enjoy your shoes for many coming years.

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