4 Proven Methods to Clean Timberland Boots

A good pair of Timberland boots will afford you a significant amount of money. Therefore, you should know how to clean timberland boots properly. 

It may be so easy if you make it a habit to clean your boots regularly. each cleaning session is going to be short and easy

Timberland boots cleaning is a simple process. However, it will help to prolong your shoe’s life.  Why let the stain ruin your overall look while you can make your boots looks like knew with simple few steps


Four techniques to clean timberland boots

1-Clean Timberland with soap and water

2-How To Clean with Vinegar

3-How To Clean Stain Using Baking Soda

4-How to remove oil stains from timberland boots

Before we start, you need to recognize that they are three types of timberland boots. 

 Timberland shoe kinds

Timberland shoes are a classic trend. These boots are preferable for a lot of people. Wearing these boots will help you to make a fashion statement.

You can wear those shoes to your workplace. Before you clean your boots, you need to know what type of material are these boots. Timberland boots come in three different materials :

  • Suede
  • Canvas
  • Nubuck

However, there is no difference between Suede and Nubuck; they come with different leather surfaces. The canvas is sturdier to give a high durability feature and enhance the entire look. 

Some tips to consider before we start.

To clean the Timberland boots properly, you should start with preparing them first. Don’t worry; it’s an effortless step and will not require a long time. 

You have to get rid of all the dirt or debris placed in the boot. Wipe the residue with a damp rag to get rid of as much as you can. Then with a soft brush, try to clean the entire fabric surface. 

Get a smooth brush to clean deeper scuffs. That can help for removing all the debris.

If the boot is suede or nubuck type, it is better to get special brushes. That is because these fabrics may need additional care. 

Consider taking off the laces to clean them separately. It would make the cleaning process more manageable. You can not wash the shoelaces without you untie them from your boot. 

Cleaning timberland shoes

1-Cleaning Timberland with soap and water

Can you clean Timberland shoes using only soap and water?

Of course, you can. It is better if you clean Timberlands with water and soap. Most definitely, there are more materials that you will need.

Some of these items are a clean rag, an old toothbrush, and some other things that we will mention later.

Timberland boots are two types of nubuck leather or suede. You will clean these boots easily using water and soap. 

In the coming section, we will mention all the items you will use to clean the Timberlands boots. The good news is that you may use household materials to clean your shoes.

Things you will use to clean your Timberlands boots.

  • Cream of tartar
  • Baking soda
  • Toothbrush
  • Lemon juice or lemon
  • Old toothbrush
  • Dish soap
  • Small basin
  • Gum eraser
  • Drying sheets
  • White vinegar

-Inspect the Timberland shoes carefully

Start inspecting your boots to search for any stains that require special care. Cleaning Timberland boots is not simple, like throwing them in the washer and rubbing them away. You must know the sort of dirt you will try to remove. 

If there is stuck dirt on your boots, take them off first. Remember to clean the bottom of the shoes and also the soles.

Because of the treads, a lot of the hard dirt will place there. You can use a blunt stick or a sharp piece of metal to get rid of them. When you do that, you can scrub the dirt away and protect soles from being damaged.

After removing the solid dirt, you can move to the second step.

-Apply the gum eraser to remove stains 

gum eraser to remove timberland boots stains- clean timberland boots

Inspect your shoes to look for any noticeable spots. You will then apply the gum remover to eliminate these spots. Just scrub them gently and in circular movements. 

This step will help to make the cleaning process more manageable. Be careful not to press your boot too much while you rub it.

– Treat the greasy stain

If you find greasy spots on your boots, they will need additional treatment. Thus, get a little cornmeal and use it on the greasy stain.

You should press it lightly into your boots using your hands and leave it settled down for several minutes. 

After that, You need to remove it using the toothbrush. You can see that the cornmeal absorbs all the grease stains.

-Applying vinegar

Start by adding white vinegar to a clean rag. You can apply it to dab at any area with spots on your boots and then let them for a while to dry up.

Vinegar can dissolve mostly all the stains, and it will leave the nubuck or the suede fabric in order.

– Using a toothbrush

With a toothbrush, try to take off any dust from the timberland boots. It would be better if you considered that a toothbrushing method is only suitable for suede boots. 

However, you might even apply it on the leather boots provided that you brush lightly using a soft-bristled brush.

Now we will clean them using soap and water.

-Lukewarm water and soap

You can use these items to clean your timberland shoes. Bring a small basin and put a little water, followed by some dish-washing soap.

Put a clean in the soapy water. Squeeze it well to remove any extra moisture. continue wiping your timberland boot surface until you clean it.

– Lemon juice and cream of tartar mixture

Put a little lemon juice with some tartar cream into a basin. And try to mix them thoroughly. place a piece of cotton in this combination and apply it to the boots

Leave this solution on the boot for a while, and then wipe it using a dry rag. Due to its acid content, this mixture can remove the stains.

– Applying soap

Take a piece of soap and create a soap suds under a running tap. All you need to do is wipe the soap with a wet cotton rag and apply it to the boots in a circular motion. 

Let the boots dry and give the moisturizing soap the necessary time to work and moisturize your shoes. That will clean your timberland boots and give you a soft feeling of touch when you wear them. 

-Give the Timberland a shine

Use baby wipes to get rid of any light dirt remaining on the timberland boots. It can also improve their shine a little and make them look like a new one.

2-How To Clean with Vinegar

How To Clean Stain  from timberland boots Using Vinegar

There are many reasons for the vinegar to be the most preferred natural cleaning compound.

Vinegar has no harm. Vinegar is a natural cleaning compound that you can use on all kinds of materials. 

Whether the shoes are suede, leather, black, it is safe to use vinegar on them. It is a cost-effective cleaner. 

Vinegar has a low price. Even if it is not available at home, you could buy it from the market. There is no need to afford a high budget to purchasing cleaning products.

You can use it easily. Whether the cleaning products with high prices have strict instructions, you can apply vinegar easily.

This process is unpretentious and needs only 5 to 10 minutes. you can use this process by two methods

Things you will need

  • Some water
  • A brush
  • A fine piece of cotton
  • Fine bristled brush

Most people always forget to clean the bottom of their boots. It is necessary to clean each inch of your shoes. A brush that has soft bristles can be sufficient to get rid of all the dirt particles. 

When you do this step, the next one is to take the shoelaces off and clean them by hand with warm soapy water.

Rinse thoroughly and hang them to dry. Now you are ready for the next step. 

The first cleaning method 

  • Add a tablespoon of white vinegar to a bowl
  • Dilute it using a cup of water
  • Dip the cotton rag into the solution and leave it for nearly two minutes
  • Start rubbing your boots with the cotton cloth softly
  • Gently but firmly rub the areas that contain more spots. then when you finish your work, let your shoes dry
  • Eliminate any marks that remain in the boots with a soft-bristled brush
  • White vinegar will remove salt stains and also can remove food stains.

The second cleaning method

Use the following material to get this done.

  • Four parts of Baby wipes
  • Vinegar liquid
  • Cotton rag
  • One to two tablespoons of talcum powder

Follow this procedure

  • Remove all the dust and dirt before you start cleaning.
  • Apply the baby wipes to the surface of your shoes. Baby wipes are too gentle to use on boots.
  • Continue sprinkling the talcum powder on the places with hard stains or the areas the scuff marks are more visible
  • Leave the powder to settle in for 3 to 4 hours or overnight if necessary. apply the vinegar liquid on your boots with the smooth cotton rag, then let to air dry for at least a couple of hours

3-How To Clean Stain Using Baking Soda

How To Clean Stain  from timberland boots Using Baking Soda

Baking Soda, which is its scientific name, is a Sodium Bicarbonate product. It is a natural compound that comes with various uses. One of its essential features is that it has a high cleaning performance.  

Baking soda comes with a mild alkali, that is why it works as a cleaning agent. It can dissolve dirt and greases in water. 

You need to consider the amount of water you add to the baking soda as it has a significant role in baking soda’s effectiveness.

Therefore, you may use it in almost all scouring powder. Baking soda is gentle, and that is why you can apply it with no need to fear exposing yourself to toxins.

4-How to remove oil stains from timberland boots

It is an essential thing to get rid of the grease stains as soon as you can. It would help if you considered that greases are not soluble in water. 

When the greases get to your boots, it may be a hard nut to crack if you leave it for a long time. 

If you remove the fat as fast as you can, the stain will disappear completely. But before that, you should collect the items that you will need.

Items to use

  • Cornstarch or Talcum powder
  • Soft rag
  • Leather cleaning product to remove stains.
  • An old toothbrush
  • Paper towels

As you can see, this is a shortlist of items. This list can tell you that this process is straightforward and straightforward to proceed.

To lift the stain out of the Timberland leather shoes, follow this procedure.

– Using Paper Towel to absorb the grease

Using Paper Towel to absorb the grease of timberland boots

With fresh stains, you need to use a paper towel to remove the greases as much as possible. These paper towel can soak as it can. 

The principal key is to press the paper towel into the spots until you see nothing to soak up any more. Continue Using a fresh towel until you remove it mostly.

If you leave the stain for two days and seems dipped into the leather, you can surpass this step. You can continue to the next step. 

In general, fresh stains are more straightforward to eliminate than old ones, so take them off as soon as possible.

-Using talcum Powder

 Using talcum powder to absorb the grease of timberland boots

Most of the boots have a brighter color. if your boot is one of them, you can notice the stain.

Whether they are dark ones, you only need to note where the stain is and then add the talcum powder to the place. Apply some of the baby powder, as it can do a good job.

The powder will absorb the whole oil from the leather. Consider that this is a slow process, and you must leave the boots the entire night. If there are too many oil stains on the shoes, sprinkle the powder richly to absorb all the oil.

If you clean your boots in the morning, there is no need to wait for them to stay the whole night. Instead, you leave them to last for about 8 hours and then take off the powder.

-Clean Out the Powder

The next morning, remove the powder using an old toothbrush. Using a soft-bristled brush would be great if there is one at home. Use a piece of cloth if necessary. 

Check to see if the spots are entirely removed or not. If it is gone, then your work is ended too.

If you find any marks of the stain, this means there is work for you to do. Therefore, you have to apply the whole process one more time. 

Repeat it even for the third time if it is necessary. Big, old oil spots on leather will be that stubborn to remove.

-Use a timberland cleaning Kit

You can use a timberland kit to remove dirt and stains and keep your boots in excellent condition.

To get a good result, you should follow these steps.

  • Clean the apparent dirt first. This step usually has to be the first one when you clean your footwear. 
  • You have to clean mud, cement, or various kinds of stuck dirt and remove it out first. That would help you to identify the oil spots quickly.

-Use the eraser

Once you identify the stains on your boots, apply the eraser to get rid of them. Start rubbing gently but firmly in circular movements at the spots until you remove all of them.

-Using cornstarch on the oil stain

 Using corn starch to remove oil stains from timberland boots

The eraser can not take off the oil stains. For that, use the brush to fluff the area around and on the oil spot. 

You can add rich layers of cornstarch on the oily stains and leave it to sit for several hours or overnight if necessary to absorb it.

Finally, start brushing the powder and check if the oil stains are still there. If there is no sign of it, you did a successful job. If it is not, you should apply this process one more timeā€”at least the cornstarch part.

Leather Timberland shoes

If you need to clean the boots using baking soda, you should consider using baking soda for only leather boots cleaning. 

Leather Timberland boots will not need extended maintenance, mostly if you use a black one. You can use baking soda and many other materials which you can get from your home.

Materials to use

  • Baking soda
  • An old toothbrush
  • Vinegar solution
  • Some Water
  • A smooth rag

You may ask why we add vinegar in this process? Vinegar can help with removing the salt lines that remain behind.

Follow this procedure to make it done.

  • It would help if you wiped as much dirt as possible from the Timberland boots. The effectiveness of the baking soda depends on the amount of soil you can remove.
  •  As of now, baking soda can not find anything to react with it. Begin to dunk the old toothbrush in baking soda. 
  • You can do it in a better way, bring an empty container, put a little baking soda within it, and then dunk your toothbrush in it.
  • Apply the baking soda to your boots. Consider keeping gentle circular movements. When you get the desired results, wash them using clean water. 
  • If you find any salt spots remaining behind, then add a little vinegar on a clean rag and use it to remove all the salt.

 Benefits to using household products such as baking soda for cleaning the Timberland boots

  • You can clean your boots on a low budget.
  • It is work
  • You can do this by yourself. there is no need to pay extra money for someone to do this for you  

Once you do all the work, you need to let the boots dry in a cold, dry area. It may take three hours and can reach four hours. When you give them the necessary time, they will dry nicely and also will breathe.

Now you know how to clean the Timberland shoes. it is essential to know about what you should not do, mostly when you use items from the home to clean them 

What you should know when cleaning Timberland boots at home

  • Do not add a lot of Pressure to the boots; too much
  • Apply only white vinegar to cotton rags or clothes
  • Make sure to use a toothbrush with firm bristles
  • Do not scrub Too much, as it will ruin the nap

How to clean Suede and Nubuck shoes

Suede and nubuck are famous fabrics for manufacturing Timberland footwear. And for a good reason. These materials are stylish and have a durability feature. 

However, they need some special care during the cleaning process. There are little notes you have to consider when you clean suede and nubuck shoes.

Clean suede shoes

Suede is a highly delicate fabric. When you clean it, you should do that with special care. Suede and water can not mix well; water will leave the boots permanently stained. 

It is better to go with the dry cleaning option. Otherwise, you have to be very delicate when you use a water solution. To clean scuffs and scraps, you should use an eraser. 

When the cut is more in-depth, remove the dirt out with a soft brush. Apply the eraser, Timberland cleaning bar, or an orderly pencil eraser to the scuff marks to remove all of them. 

You will not meet any problem with cleaning scuff signs from the Timberland boots with this method. 

Once you remove all the signs, brush down your shoes using a soft brush. That can be a great choice to remove any additional dirt. We recommend you to brush on one side, making the boots have an asymmetrical look. 

How to cleaning Nubuck shoes

Nubuck has a high resistance compared to suede. For that reason, you can apply most of the previous methods to it. 

However, it would be a great option to use the dry cleaning method. You can purchase a lot of dry cleaners, which are made especially for nubuck leather. 

As nubuck can get stains and scuffs quickly, the best option is to prevent this in the first place. Get sprays that can protect your boots and make the cleaning process more straightforward, and at the same time make them last for a long time. 

Never let your shoes cleaning be a chore.

Timberland shoes are designed to be durable and cleaned quickly. They expect you to use them every day at your workplace so that they will get dirty. 

For that reason, the manufacturer uses only high-quality leather to make these boots. After spending a hard working week, you can easily apply any home-cleaning method that you prefer to maintain your presentable look next Monday.

Frequently asked questions about clean timberland boots.

1-Can I use the washing machine on Timberland boots?

Do not use your washing machine to clean timber boots because the excess friction that comes from the tumble can cause massive damage to your boot.

There is only one part of the Trimble boots that you can clean in the washing machine that are the shoelaces. 

However, it would help if you cleaned the remaining portion using one of the methods we mentioned above.

Of course, this will consume more time than throwing your boots in the washing machine. However, it’s worth it to maintain the Timberlands shoes since they have a high price.

2-What do you spray on Timberland boots?

Timberland boots come from three kinds of material: Suede, Nubuck, or Premium Leather. The solutions you use to clean Nubuck and Suede are interchangeable, but Premium Leather is different.

You will find these three solutions from the brand or a non-brand retailer at your nearest department market, shoe store, or online. 

Besides cleaning solutions, you may also buy a sealant that makes your boots water-resistant after cleaning.

You may also buy a conditioner specific for Premium Leather shoes. You can use it to keep your leather soft over time and make the boots comfortable to break into and use for an extended period.

3-How to clean black Timberland boots?

Before you look for a technique to clean black Timberlands, you need to know about the material you need to clean.

Black Timberlands are obtainable in Suede, Nubuck, and Premium Leather. There is no difference in the cleaning technique for the two Suede and Nubuck, as we already mentioned in the guide above.

However, the Premium Leather needs a different cleaning solution and has various precautions to consider to avoid boot damaging.

4-Can I make suede shoes that have a waterproof specialty?

Suede boots can get stains during wet environments. Wax can cause damage to your suede shoes. 

You have to keep the shoes clean and apply a gentle spray with a waterproofing feature to make an additional coat that will protect your shoes against the elements.

Applying wax to nubuck or suede boots can ruin the whole material and create stains. You can use Specialized sprays to add a waterproof capability.

First, you have to get rid of any dirt; then, you can apply the spray to the entire boot and leave it to dry naturally.

To clean the suede or nubuck Timberlands, you can apply various products such as Timberland’s Renewbuck suede or nubuck cleaner.  

Whether to protect your boot quality without sacrificing the entire look, a spray like the Balm Proofer Water and Stain Repellent can make a lightweight barrier towards water and grime.

Finally, it is an excellent choice for suede; it protects nubuck and canvas boots, most anything else you are wearing.

Final verdict

Once you see how to clean Timberland boots, you can usually give them a fresh new look. However, never leave the stain on the shoes for a long time as this will make them more stubborn to eliminate. It is better to get rid of it as early as possible.

These cleaning methods will not take a long time but will enhance your boots’ lifespan and maintain their shape.

this article provides you with four different methods to clean timberland boots; select one of them to get your shoes back to life again

If you have any inquiries or another method you want to share, leave it in the comments.

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