Top 10 Best Walking Shoes For Ankle Support 2022 | Buyer Guide

ASICS Men's Gel Nimbus 18 Running Shoe
ASICS Men’s Gel Nimbus 18 Running Shoe
Ryka womens Sky Walk Fit Shoes Oxford, Monument, 7.5 US
Ryka womens Sky Walk Fit Shoes Oxford, Monument, 7.5 US
Propet Men's Life Walker Sneaker
Propet Men’s Life Walker Sneaker
  • Experts recommend walking for at least an hour a day to ensure the body’s health and keep it free of diseases such as cardiovascular problems.
  • Always feel tired after walking? Or you are a runner recovering from an injury, or someone who wants to squeeze as many steps into your schedule as possible, then you have to use the best walking shoes for ankle support.
  • When you decide to take a walk, it is essential to concern about what you wear. A shoe with support will play a huge role when it comes to preventing injuries to the joints and feet.


List of best walking shoes for ankle support

  • ASICS Gel-Nimbus 18 Shoes
  • Ryka Sky Walk
  • Propét LifeWalker Strap Shoes
  • Romy Sneakers For Ankle Support
  • Skechers Untouched Shoes
  • Vionic Walker ankle support shoes
  • Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Footwear
  • Propet Delaney Strap Ankle Boot
  • Military Combat Boots
  • Under Armour Curry 2

Comparison Table

ShoesGenderDimensionsItem weightMaterialSole
ASICS Gel Nimbus 18Men16 x 10 x 6 inches11.4 ozSyntheticRubber  
Ryka Sky Walk  women12 x 8.1 x 4.8 inches7.9 ozLeather and mesh  Synthetic
Life walker strap shoe  Men9.81 x 3.63 x 3.6 inches  14 ozLeather, nylon lining  Rubber  
Spirit Romy SneakersWomen12 x 8 x 4 inches32 oz95% Leather, 5% MeshRubber
Skechers Go Step Untouched Shoes  women11 x 5 x 4 inches5 ozSuede  Rubber
Vionic  Walker ankle support shoes  Men0.01 x 0.01 x 0.01 inches15.04 OuncesLeatherRubber
Vionic with Orthaheel Technology  women13.1 x 8.9 x 4.5 inches12.96 OuncesLeatherRubber
Propet Delaney Strap Ankle Boot  women14.9 x 12.4 x 5 inches14 OuncesleatherRubber
Military Combat Boots  Women3 x 2 x 3 inches  12 OuncesFabricRubber
Under Armour Curry 2  Men13.8 x 10.9 x 4.9 inches2.7 PoundsSyntheticRubber

Best walking shoes for ankle support for 2022

1. ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 18 Shoes (Great gel cushioning system)

Asics Men's Gel-Nimbus 18 (4E) Running Shoe

 ASICS is known for the engineering of the best running shoe. The full-foot gel cushioning system and high-abrasion rubber outsoles absorb shock with every stride, while the comfortable insoles support your natural gait.

Gel-Nimbus 18 is the most fabulous, Comfortable, extremely well-cushioned Running Shoes.

Also, it is one of the most recognized high performings footwear designed by ASICS.

Gel supports in these shoes make it the best choice for individuals with arthritis or foot and ankle complications. Boots are available in two bold colors with red gamut and blue gamut. Choose what you like.

 The upper materials of the Gel Nimbus 18 are providing high breathability and durability to work well on your feet all day and keep the moisture out.

Pros & Cons

  • Does not cause irritation
  • Technologies for further comfort and stability
  • Great ankle support
  • Perfect Shoe for daily use
  • Prevent ankle injuries
  • High breathability
  • Small toe box

 Bottom line

 If you need extra cushioning and protection to your ankle, ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 18 Shoes will be your choice.

2. Ryka Sky Walk ( The most stylish )

RYKA Women's Sky Walking Shoe

Are you Looking for trendy, stylish, and comfiest shoes? Then you are in the right place. Ryka Women’s Sky Walk has a supportive ankle leather upper in a fitness shoe walking style.

 The Sky Walk Athletic Shoes are among the best shoes for ankle support due to the lightweight design and cushioning system.

 These pairs are appropriate for an everyday walk as they will deliver essential support for feet and ankles.

 With the planning with secure laces and soft, breathable leather and mesh uppers, the Ryka Sky Walk Shoes can mold your feet well and supply an ideal fit.

 The lace-up design will benefit your feet by making it constant and firm inside the shoes no matter what activities you have been carrying out.

 Then the Ryka Sky Walk can only deliver mild ankle support; they can keep your feet comfortable with supportive features such as:

 breathable mesh uppers, durable leather overlays, cushioned sock liners, and memory foam soles with latex.

 This Shoe is designed with ankle support in such a way that it would perfectly fit the feet without causing pains in any region; you are also assured that this Shoe would stay firm on your legs.

 All these are to make sure that you can have the comfiest wearing experience throughout the day.

Pros & Cons

  • Soft lining
  • Cushioning insole
  • Memory foam footbed
  • Rubber outsole
  • very comfortable
  • Nice color scheme
  • Can be used as a gift item
  • Not recommended for challenging exercise
  • Sizes run small
  • Only provide mild ankle support

Bottom line

The final say regarding Ryka Sky Walk is that it is a most comfortable, trendy, and stylish one. 

3. Propét LifeWalker Strap Shoes (the top shoes for ankle support and motion controller)

Propét Men's Life Walker Footwear

 Suppose you are an eager walker and need a sturdy shoe that offers complete protection and footwear for medical conditions and ankle problems. In that case, the Life Walker sneaker from Propet is perfect for your active lifestyle.

 Their performance will add maximum breathability while it is a fully padded lining and footbed will keep you feeling good with every step.

 The shoes coming with full shock absorption, your stride, and your life will be that much easier. It also comes with a rubber sole, which provides the best traction ever, while it is synthetic material production makes it highly durable.

Pros & Cons

  • Wide widths available
  • Suitable for neuropathy feet
  • Comfortable and cushioning leather shoes
  • best shoes for ankle support
  • Shock absorption
  • Velcro straps easy to become loosen

 Bottom line

 If you are looking for the best shock absorbable shoes, Propét LifeWalker Strap Shoes will be your choice.

4. Romy Sneakers For Ankle Support

Easy Spirit Women's Romy Sneaker

 Great shoes for style, fit, and quality. Well suited for People who take part in walking or need to wear kinds of footwear that is durable and flexible and provides excellent support and comfort to your ankle.

 They are specially designed to provide support for your ankle.

The Easy Spirit has designed many of its footwear products for ladies for years, making it easier and lighter for customers to wear footwear daily.

And these Easy Spirit Romy sneakers are one among their best shoes for ankle support bought the foremost by customers around the world. These shoes are suitable to wear on casual hang out or most types of outdoor activities.

Pros & Cons

  • A suitable shoe for casual wearing,
  • Comfortable
  • Right arch and ankle support
  • Highly flexible 
  • Orthotic-friendly
  • Wide range of width and sizes
  • Slippery soles when wet

Bottom line

 If you need durable and flexible shoes and suitable for your casual wearing, you must have Romy Sneakers.

5. Untouched Skechers (Best for the budget)

Skechers Women's Go Step - budget Walking Shoe

 Made with high-quality textile fabric, this is one among shoes that can not be replaced easily as its high-quality material structure makes Shoe durable and long-lasting.

Now you can stand more comfortable throughout the day. Skechers would save you from pain if you had severe problems with sore feet.

 And will make you too relaxed. If you have to stand or be on your feet for extended periods, Skechers is the way to go.

 The Skechers have a great anti-microbial sock liner that will help you to inhibit offensive odor and prevent slippage.

 One exclusive feature of this Shoe is its Goga mat energy insole that is made to help cushion the feet in every step taken.

 Shoes came with Resalyte® Midsole – a proprietary lightweight injection-molded compound with memory retention helps absorb impact. Lead to comfort and support your ankle.

Pros & Cons

  • Very comfortable and lightweight
  • Reasonable price
  • Provides extra cushions and support
  • Durable and long-lasting shoes
  • wide range of color options
  • dealing with arthritis and bunions
  • less breathability than other Skecher styles
  • Shoes make feet feel hot

Bottom line

 Untouched Skechers has everything you need, from a low price to the fantastic support.

6. Vionic Walker for ankle support (Podiatrist’s recommendation)

Vionic Men's Walker

Men’s Vionic, Walker Lace-up Shoe. Designed to provide the maximum amount of comfort and support. Lightweight and flexible EVA midsole helps absorb shock to heel the pain of the knee and ankle.

 Vionic brings together style and science, combining innovative biomechanics with the most coveted trends.

Vionic is always the podiatrist’s recommendation as an ankle supporter due to premium full-grain leather uppers to durable high-traction outsoles. The Men’s Walker offers the best in biomechanical support.

Pros & Cons

  • Shock absorber
  • Breathable mesh liner and sock liner
  • Wide range of colors
  • Good arch support
  • Moisture-wicking fabric lining
  • Clinically shown to help relieve the common causes of heel and knee pain
  • The sole may separate quickly from the heel

Bottom line

 Suppose you are looking for shoes for every mourning walking. And have pain in your heel, a vionic walker will help you.

7. Vionic with Orthaheel Technology (the best shoes for walk)

VIONIC with Orthaheel Technology Footwear Women's Walker

 Women’s Vionic, Walker Classic Sneaker. Designed to keep you supported and comfortable while walking, this athletic style features a Podiatrist-developed biomechanical removable orthotic insole.

 The breathable upper Antibacterial top cloth linings to control foot and shoe odor coming with a thermoplastic heel counter for increased stability and support a Durable rubber outsole for improved traction.

  The shoes are designed with orthoheel technology (a biomechanical footbed that supports you from the ground up and promotes the natural alignment that many shoes do not consider).

 With the EVA midsole and the antibacterial orthotic insole, shock absorbency and cushioned support increase and decrease strain on your feet and ankles.

 Vionic doesn’t just provide the best traction outdoors but also helps in maintaining stability and balance.

Consider as one of the best women’s shoes for walking.

Pros & Cons

  • Shock absorber
  • Breathable mesh liner and sock liner
  • Help to promote blood flow
  • Help alleviate foot pain
  • Wide range of colors
  • Provide you unparalleled support
  • The best shoes for a walk
  • The sole may separate quickly from the heel

Bottom line

 Vionic with Orthaheel Technology shoes provides you with the support you deserve and the fashion-forward styles you love.

8. Propet Women’s Delaney Strap Ankle Boot

Propét Women's Delaney Strap Ankle Boot

 Propét is passionate about crafting comfortable, stylish models that will take consumers wherever they want to go in their daily lives.

 The company offers men’s and women’s styles in a full range of sizes and five widths to ensure a perfect fit, particularly for hard-to-fit feet.

Pros & Cons

  • The soft and cushioned removable footbed
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Durable and slip-resistant
  • Three available colors
  • Comfortable in your foot
  • Size is complicated

Bottom line

Consider the Propet Delaney Strap Ankle Boot if you need soft, cushioned removable footbed and comfortable shoes.

9. Military Combat Boots ( Ideal for Daily use )

Military Combat Boots
Military Combat BootsMilitary Combat BootsMilitary Combat Boots

 Military Combat Boot contains sides that are solid and not floppy like many fashion boots. Daily shoes are work on improving ankle support.

 Shoes fit very well around the ankle and give excellent support without restricting natural movement too much.

 Boots do not provide only excellent ankle support, but also they are slip-resistant, also ensure a good foothold on slick surfaces.

 DailyShoes Military will resist wear, and the upper made of heavy-duty vegan leather that will withstand wear.

 This is the cheapest pair on our list; for a sensible price, one gets a protected boot with a high-quality zipper on the travel pocket. These boots are very relaxed with softened up insoles and the lack up.

Pros & Cons

  • Travel pocket
  • Qualitative zipper
  • Padded insole
  • Lace-up fit
  • Hard-wearing
  • Not suitable in summer

Bottom line

 Military Combat Boots have something you will never find in any other shoes. These boots contain a very cool travel pocket suitable for storing credit cards, keys, and other small items.

10. Under Armour Curry 2 men’s (basketball shoes)

Under Armour Curry 2 Basketball Men's

 We can go on all daabout how much we love Armour Curry. The highly-rated Shoe, which Considered an excellent addition to every basket baller’s shoe collection.

 The shoes are used by basketball players when they need to support their ankle. Not only used to provide arch support but also for forefoot and hill supporting.

 External heel counter and Midfoot shanks work to avoid Sliding on the court that may raise the risk of rolling one’s ankle. Which makes you are guaranteed optimal stability, which will help in winning any match.

 They also offer arch, forefoot, and heel support, thereby supporting your ankles in the process.

 This shoe is a little bit expensive. But the cushioning support system in place makes them worthy. In the presence of these advantages, purchase cost does not seem to be that much.

Pros & Cons

  • External heel counter
  • Midfoot Shanks
  • Cushioning
  • Breathability
  • Feels good to play in 
  • Very comfortable
  • The higher rate of cost
  • Restricted colors

Bottom line

 If you are a basketball player and looking for ankle support, go with Under Armour Curry 2.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Shoes for Ankle Support

Should I Wear Ankle Support Running Shoes?

Wearing ankle support shoes are highly recommended. The ankle brace is ineffective without proper footwear.

Running Shoe must be supportive and sturdy.
Slippers would be inappropriate. Loafers and most sandals won’t cut it either.

The brace can be modified to fit most casual running shoes.

How To Wear An Ankle Brace With walking Shoe?

First, the ankle brace should not be too thick. Try it on before you buy to see if it fits comfortably. Your shoes should not be too rigid. They should be relatively flexible.

You may need to go up a size for them to fit comfortably. The sneaker is the best Shoe to wear with a brace.

Laces can be loosened or tightened as needed.

What Are The Best Shoes For Ankle Support?

 There are a lot of things you must put in your mind when searching for a shoe that gives good ankle support. Look for the following qualities in a shoe:

  • Midsole It must be soft and cushioned.
  • Footbed It must be solid.
  • Lacing It must be able to hug your ankles tightly.

There are many other traits you should be looking for, but these are the most important.

What can excellent ankle support do for my feet?

Shoes that provide the right ankle support can bring you a lot of profits. They will help you reduce impacts and stress on the arches and ankles and prevent the risk of ankle injuries and sprain.

What should you look for before buying ankle support shoes?

  • Support and Cushioning
  • Fit
  • Comfort
  • Mid Sole
  • Affordability
  • Lightweight and flexibility

Support and Cushioning

 Search on the sole that is stiff, but not too thick–aim for thin to medium thickness.

 Try to get a shoe with a well-cushioned footbed for extra support and help with shock absorption.


 Checking the fit of the shoes, if it too tight or suitable for your foot while walking, especially at the toe region,

Please note if the fit shoes are tight, the toe or any other affected part would feel hurt and pain.

 It’s better to have at least a half-inch of space between your longest toe and your Shoe’s tip to avoid toe problems such as black tosolesenails and provide a good feeling.


 It is essential to have a shoe that is comfortable for your foot. If the footwear is not satisfied and provides calm, then all the profits it delivers will be useless.

 Having shoes that provide the right type of ankle support can go a long way in improving the comfort of your Shoe. Make sure you know what kind of ankle support is best for you.

Mid Sole

 Mid Sole is essential to provide ankle support. The right midsole will provide arch support. With appropriate arch support shoes, it can prevent any added stress to other foot areas so that you are as comfortable as possible.

 The extra padding will also help in absorbing some of the shocks when walking. So it will make the Shoe even more comfortable.


 It is also essential that you have a budget before buying a shoe, but you must note that you do not have to spend heavily on purchasing an excellent walking shoe with ankle support.

Lightweight and flexibility

 Weight and flexibility can be easily checked just by twisting the Shoe’s sole, and having these features means one can walk around in them freely and easily.

 The more lightweight, the more relaxed and do not make your feet feel warm or on fire.

What walking shoes do podiatrists recommend?

Walking is an essential exercise in your life. You don’t have to be a professional runner to burn calories. Before going out, you want to be ready with the best walking shoes for you.

You want the best Shoe that makes you comfortable all day, supports your arch, cushions your heel, and of course, looks cute.

We asked the specialists what to search for in a new pair of shoes?

A podiatrist recommends observing your current sneakers for signs as to the right fitting shoe in New York City. She says that looking at the soles of a well-worn pair of sneakers to see where the sole is worn out will suggest where you are making most of your impact.

If you find that you have flat feet, you are likely a pronator, and the reverse can be for high arched feet and supination.” A neutral foot type tends to wear most lightly in the back of their heel.

Briefly, you must know your feet type to choose well.

Final Verdict

If you need breathable, antibacterial, and comfortable shoes, consider the Vionic with Orthaheel Technology shoes.

If you have much pain and complication with your ankle due to standing for a long time, you can check out Untouched Skechers.

 Good walking shoes for ankle support, on the other hand, would be the ASICS Gel-Nimbus 18.

 Finally, do not try to make your foot fit in a shoe, instead of picking a shoe that fits your foot.

We hope you have enjoyed us and picked up your best walking shoes for ankle support. Please tell us about any advice you might have by leaving us a comment and don’t forget to share.

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