13 Best Boot Dryers 2022

PEET, The Original 2-Shoe Electric Shoe and Boot Dryer and Warmer
PEET, The Original 2-Shoe Electric Shoe and Boot Dryer and Warmer
DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer and Garment Dryer
DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer and Garment Dryer
KOODER Boot Dryer,Shoe Dryer,Foot Dryer ! Eliminate Bad Odor and sanitize Shoes!
KOODER Boot Dryer,Shoe Dryer,Foot Dryer ! Eliminate Bad Odor and sanitize Shoes!

Nothing can be annoying more than to walk around in a pair of wet or damp footwear. The great news is that choosing the best boot dryers can help you dry your footwear in a given period.

Working in wet conditions, rain, and sweating can cause damp or wet boots, damaging your footwear fabrics.

Besides that, Feet that are continuously wet is an appropriate environment for bacteria and fungus growth.

This article will provide the 13 best boot dryers that can help you start every morning with dry, healthy feet.


List of Best 13 boot dryers

  • Peet dryer |electric boot dryer
  • DryGuy |DX Forced Air boot dryer
  • KOODER Boot and shoe Dryer| sanitize Shoes                
  • JobSite |original shoe dryer 
  • DryGuy boot shoe Dryer| force dry                        
  • MaxxDry |Heavy Duty Boot Dryer
  • PEET dryer| Electric Express
  • DryGuy| Travel Dry DX Boot Dryer 
  • MaxxDry |Shoe Dryer XL                                 
  • OdorStop Boot dryer| Deodorizer
  • DryGuy| Simple dry boots    
  • Kendal dryer|boots gloves dryer  
  • Comyan | portable boot dryer                                                                                               

Comparison table

Product nameMultitaskingBrand
Peet dryer |electric boot dryerOne pairPeet
DryGuy |DX Forced Air dryerTwo pairsDryGuy
KOODER Boots and shoes Dryer| sanitizeShoesOne pairKOODER
JobSite |original shoe dryer One pairJobsite
DryGuy boot Dryer| force Dry One pairDryGuy
MaxxDry |Heavy Duty Boots DryerA pairsMaxxDry
PEET dryer| Electric Express                                  Two pairsPEET
DryGuy| Travel DX BootDryerA pairDryGuy
MaxxDry |Shoe boot and glove Dryer XL                                  Two pairs          MaxxDry
OdorStop Boots and shoes dryers| DeodorizerTwo pairOdorStop
DryGuy| Simple dry boots    A pairDryGuy
Kendal dryer|boot glove dryerThe boot dryer can dry two pairs of boots every time

The glove dryer can dry two pairs at every time.
Comyan Shoe Dryer |portable boot dryer   A pairComyan

13 Best boot dryers 2022

Electric Shoe Dryer
PEET Shoe and Boot Dryer
  • Works silently by gently warming air that rises and dries footwear; No loud fans blowing hot air
  • Dries most footwear overnight: Drying time depends on material and saturation level
  • Always on: Simply leave it plugged in 24/7, uses less electricity than a low wattage household light bulb, and costs just pennies a day
  • Safe on all materials
  • 25-year warranty

Peet boot and shoe dryer have many positive reviews on the Internet. The unit dries the boots fastly by its gentle thermal convection. It removes moisture and dries your shoes completely. It is also highly comfortable to wear.

This original 2 shoe model not only eliminates sweat and water but also removes unwanted odors. The odor is due to the moisture absorbed in the footwear. As a result, this dryer can prevent bacteria and fungi build -up.

Although the device is silent while it’s working, it eliminates foul odors and dries the footwear efficiently in just a matter of time.

While the machine is highly effective at its primary aim, it also consumes less electricity than a regular light bulb.

One notable feature is that this machine is suitable for almost all kinds of garments materials. It will extend your boot life.

There will be no risk of using it for leather, synthetics, microfiber, or other different types of fabrics.

Finally, it has patented AirChambers, and DryPorts can push warm air through and remove footwear damage risks from extreme heat.

Pros & Cons

  • Eliminate odor and sweat from wet boots
  • Remove moisture to maintain footwear
  • Inaudible
  • Eliminate odor with 3 to 8 hours
  • Uses minimal electricity

Delicate build – you need to use it with care.


Peet original 2 shoe dryer is a high-quality machine that eliminates moisture and odor and maintains your footwear.

Forced Air Dryer
DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot and Garment Dryer
  • Forced-air boot, glove, and garment dryer works on four garments simultaneously
  • Includes two removable extension tubes for use with boots up to 16 inches tall; whisper-quiet rotary blower; 3-hour timer; heat or no-heat switch
  • Perfect for all year long; dry your wet hiking boots from the rain, sweaty sports cleats and equipment, helmets, tennis shoes, work boots, gloves, and even swimsuits!
  • Heats to 105 degrees F (40.5 degrees C); Dries most clothes in 1 to 2 hours
  • Dimensions: 12 inches deep x 7.5 inches high x 15 inches wide; 6 foot power cord; 1 year Warranty

DryGuy Forced-Air is a multi-purpose boot, shoe dryer, and garment. You can use it for different gears. It is capable of drying four garments at one time.

The machine has two removable extension tubes that can be removed and also very easy-to-use. Using these tubes are useful for drying taller boots that can reach 16-inches tall.

Along with these features, the machine rotary blower does not make much noise and is virtually inaudible.

The 3-hour timer removes any worries about switching the dryer off. While the heat/no-heat switch helps you select the kind of drying system you want to use on your boots.

Because this shoe and boot dryer functions at about 105 degrees Fahrenheit/40°C, it is safe for a wide range of materials. The adjusted temperature protects your gears from being damaged because of extra heat.

One notable feature, this dryer also removes any unpleasant scent in your footwear. that scent usually comes from bacteria or sweating.

This shoes and boots dryer also controls the formation of mold and fungus to provide you with healthy footwear.

While this dryer can remove moisture quickly, it cannot handle highly heavy-duty and heavyweight boots.

Moreover, the 3 hours duration doesn’t allow you to put this boot dryer to work overnight while you have a peaceful sleep.

Enjoy your hiking, hunting, camping, and other outdoor activities, and do not worry about how your boot will be, as the solution is right here.

Pros & Cons

  • Forced air 
  • Can work on up to four gears at one time 
  • Two extension tubes that you can remove them 
  • It helps to eliminate odors
  • Prevent mold and bacteria build-up 
  • 3-hour timer
  • Not suitable for too heavyweight boots
  • Limited-hours on timer


DryGuy DX Forced-Air is suitable for people enjoying adventurous outdoor activities without being worried about their boot condition.

Sanitize Shoes
KOODER Boot and Shoe Dryer,
  • Function; drying, eliminating bad odor, and sanitizing shoes! Protecting your shoes from the humidity!
  • High-quality cable: can withstand 20KG strength in pulling to prevent disconnection during use!
  • Heat resistant tough surface: smooth finishing touch, resistant to high temperatures, and compressed to make sure the cabinet is not easily breakable!
  • 360-degree all-rounded heat! Vertical and horizontal air holes in the cabinet to ensure an even distribution of heat!
  • PTC heat generator, long-lasting high temperature! Precise temperature control, to prevent overheating!

KOODER boot dryers are the best boot dryers with a unique design and can remove bad smells from your footwear.

 It also allows for 360° dry airflow and distributes the air equally around the whole shoe or boot. You can adjust the temperature level to suit different types of footwear.

You will use lower heat for items such as sneakers or surf boots. While the higher levels for footwear such as leather office footwear and snow boots.

Because of the length adjustment feature, you can use these dryers for tall boots to dry as well. These units also come with a compact design, which makes storage or transportation very easy.

Finally, it has a heat resistant finish, which protects the inside garments from extra heat. It does not end there; it also insulates your hands from the PTC heat generator. KOODER dryer has a premium-quality power cable that can bear up to 20kg of force.

Pros & Cons

  • Elimination of bad smell
  • 360-degree all-rounded heat
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Suitable for all types of boots and footwear
  • lengthen adjustment feature
  • Easy storage and transportation
  • Safety withstand up to 20kg of force


  • Some customers complain that they need a long time to dry their footwear


KOODER boot dryers are suitable for both light and stout footwear

Original Shoe Dryer
JobSite Original Shoe and Boot Dryer
  • WARM THERMAL AIR – Designed to dry your wet boots, shoes, gloves, or garments safely overnight without over-drying or shrinking
  • KEEPS SHOES FRESH – Keeping your shoes and boots dry is key to keeping them stink-free
  • Dry time warm-up (30 mins); damp (8 hours); wet (overnight)
  • SILENT DRY – Safe, Silent, Simple, no motor or moving parts, so quiet you might think it is not actually working when it is
  • MULTI-PURPOSE – The sturdy base allows you to use this dryer with all types of winter boots, work boots, rain boots, tennis shoes, ski boot liners, gloves, hats, and accessories safely without overdrying
  • A 2 Year Warranty

Jobsite shoe dryer releases warm thermal air that effectively functions on drying your shoes, gloves, boots, or other garments all night.

The air is rising naturally, and therefore, there is no danger to expose your garments to it all night. Now you can begin to stop thinking about shrunken and too dried fabrics.

Because of its deodorizing ability, the device removes bacteria and odors due to sweat. It also effectively controls the mold and fungi build-up.

One best thing about this dryer is that there are no moving parts or a motor. This feature ensures a smooth and silent process.

Jobsite shoe dryer has a sturdy base. This design enables it to dry work boots, ski boots, winter footwear, tennis boots, gloves, rain footwear, and more without causing damage.

To use this device, all you have to do is: place the base unit, connect tube extenders if you want to dry taller boots or long garments.

Once the item is entirely dried, unplug the dryer. You may want to furl it to keep it in a proper place. This dryer machine design lacks a fan, and thus, it counts on the heater placed in it is base to do the entire work.

However, it can circulate air all night. This feature makes it ideal for warming up your moist shoes to wear them the next day.

You can plug the unit in and let it work all night while you sleep to achieve your desired results. Never forget to unplug the dryer when you finish and leave it a while before storing it.

Pros & Cons

  • Remove unpleasant odors naturally
  • Stop bacteria mold and fungus build-up
  • Heat naturally rising thermal air
  • No motor
  • non-audible
  • Multi-tasks


  • It is a design lacking a fan


Jobsite shoe dryer air is rising naturally, so you can leave your boots all night to dry without being worried about garment damage.

Force Dry
DryGuy 2207 Force Dry Boot and Shoe Dryer
  • Boot Dryer, shoe Dryer, or glove Dryer featuring rotating and articulating drying ports that can be laid flat for drying heavy gear such as ski boots
  • Forced air heats to 105-degrees (40.5-Degrees C) to Dry most items in 1-2 hours
  • Features 3-hour auto shut off timer
  • Forced air heat quickly to help footwear over time
  • Safe to use and will not shrink, warp, or otherwise harm delicate garments and custom fit liners
  • Dimensions: 8 inches high x 8.5 inches long x 3.5 inches high
  • 1 year warranty

DryGuy forced boot dryers can dry different types of garments. This device has unparalleled drying ports that will rotate up to 180 degrees.

So, if you want to dry lightweight garments like shoes, cleats, gloves, clothes, and more, rotate these drying ports to a 90-degree angle and place your garments on them.

On the other hand, if you want to dry some heavy garments like work boots and ski boots, keep these 180 degrees and in a flat position.

The dry time of this unit is also impressive. It can dry clothes and lightweight boots for just 1-hour dry time or so.

For heavy work, it will need 2 hours of dry time. Not only does it dry various types of boots quickly, but it also protects your footwear from any shrinkage.

Using forced air that can reach 105 degrees Fahrenheit, this unit can fastly dry your garments. It also features an auto 3 hours shut off timer, making it safer for delicate gears.

Other than that, it requires a low electric consumption, and it can control bacteria’s growth. It is manufactured of sturdy materials and will dry your garments in a short time.

In short, the DryGuy boot dryer is inaudible, effective, and a suitable price device. The rotating ports make this dryer compact and easy to transport as well. When folding them, you will be capable of placing them in a backpack.

Pros & Cons

  • Rotating drying ports let you dry both
  • lightweight and heavy gears
  • Auto 3 hours shut off timer
  • Can dry boots that can reach 10 inches tall
  • Compact and portable
  • Energy-efficient as it consumes low electricity
  • Reduce the bacteria formation
  • Heated up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit


  • It doesn’t come with separate extension tubes
  • No option to turn heat off


DryGuy forced boot dryer is the best choice for individuals using both heavy and light footwear.

Heavy Duty Boot Dryer
MaxxDry Heavy-Duty Boot, Shoe, and Glove Dryer (1 Pair)
  • MaxxDry Heavy Duty Dryer extends the life of footwear and gear by safely eliminating unwanted moisture in boots, shoes, and gloves about an hour
  • 240 Watt dryer uses gently heated airflow to help reduce odor and moisture
  • Uses 120V AC Household Outlet and heats to 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40.5 degrees Celsius to safely dry footwear and gear
  • Safe on materials such as leather, PVC, rubber, neoprene, canvas, synthetics, cloth, fleece, felt, micro, and all modern fabrics
  • Durable, compact design weighs approximately 3.25 lbs., has a dimension of 8.55 x 3.5 x 8.0 inches
  • 1 year warranty.

Pros & Cons

  • Forced-air dryer
  • Remove undesired odors
  • Decease rot and bacteria build-up


  • Noisy
  • Slow results


MaxxDry is one of the best choices for people who use both small and tall footwear.

Electric Express
PEET, 4-Shoe and Boot Dryer
  • Dry and deodorize: Removes wet, sweat, and odor from your footwear, keeping your feet comfortable, healthy, and dry.
  • Save your gear: Eliminates moisture and preserves your gear
  • Dry two pairs of shoes at once or attach PEET Helmet or Glove DryPorts (sold separately) to dry it all.
  • Subtle yet effective: Quietly dries and deodorizes footwear in 1 to 4 hours with PEET’s Power fan and heat setting. Choose between heated or unheated drying and set your dry time.
  • All footwear, all materials: Safely and effectively dries leather, rubber, vinyl, neoprene, canvas, synthetics, fleece, felt, microfiber, and more.
  • 5-year warranty

PEET electric express can eliminate odors, moisture, and bacteria. It effectively prevents mold and fungus build-up, which protect your feet from infection and keep it healthy.

This shoe and boot dryer can remove bad smell from footwear that is caused in feet by sweating. It lengths the lifetime of the shoes.

You can use it for drying a glove, shoe, and other accessories. Footwears come from fabrics like rubber, leather, microfiber, and other materials that can be dried using this device.

Other than that, this garment dryer is useful to use. It also energy efficient and consumes less electric power than a regular light bulb.

You can select from heat and no-heat drying modes and set your drying time depending on your preference and your boots’ material.

PEET electric express can warm four garments at one time. It is very easy-to-assemble, sturdy enough, and the operation is quite simple and compatible.

This unit includes a fan and has a 240-minute timer. It also can long the lifetime of the garments.

While this garment dryer has all you may want to have in a dryer unit, it is more pricey. However, the features and the effectiveness of this unit make it deserve every penny.

Pros & Cons

  • Remove moisture and Scents
  • Protect your footwear
  • It consumes less electric energy than a regular light bulb
  • It comes with heated and unheated drying models
  • 240-minute timer
  • Able to warm two pairs of boots or any
  • garments at one time
  • Easy to assemble
  • Costly


PEET electric express eliminates odor, bacteria, and moisture. This feature protects your feet from infection and keeps them healthy.

Travel Dry DX Boot Dryer
DryGuy Travel Dry DX Boot and Shoe Dryer
  • Portable boot dryer and shoe dryer combines traditional convection drying with forced air
  • Hybrid forced air and convection system heats to 99 degrees to dry footwear in less time than it takes most other portable dryers
  • AC/DC power adaptor means it can be used at home or in the car; compact design packs easily in carrying on luggage
  • The ability to work from the car makes it the perfect travel accessory for any outdoor vacation
  • Fits in most types of footwear; will not damage fragile materials
  • 1year warranty

The DryGuy machine applies a compact hybrid drying system. This system is a combination of forced-air and thermal convection technology used for drying the footwear in the lowest possible time.

The portable dryer temperature can reach up to 99°F. This feature provides more effective and time-saving results compared to other drying devices.

Because It includes an AC/DC power adapter, you can carry the unit anywhere you like. It is ideal for traveling and does not cause boot materials damage.

You don’t need to worry that your boots get wet on a rainy day or walking in water during hiking trips with this dryer. You can entirely enjoy your outdoor activities.

The DryGuy used wind science principles to design and manufacture this dryer by combining thermal convection philosophy and ram-air induction.

This model comes with a fan to push fresh air over the thermal heating components and then releases the heated air within the toe box to eliminate too much water from the footwears.

You are capable of warming and drying your gears while you are returning from a vacation.

It not only helps dry your boots entirely, but it also removes odors and prevents the build-up of bacteria, which could result in serious foot problems.

Use these boots and shoe dryers for the next camp or your new adventure, and be able to wear your shoes when you reach your home.

Pros & Cons

  • Hybrid forced air and traditional convection
  • combination
  • Portability feature you can take with you anywhere
  • Protect your footwear from getting damaged
  • Remove odor and prevent bacteria build-up
  • Some customers complain that it takes longer to dry their boots


The DryGuy shoe boots dryer is ideal for people who want to enjoy their adventure and keep their boots dry.

Shoe dryer XL
MaxxDry Shoe Dryer XL
  • Dries most boots or gloves in one hour eliminating odors caused by perspiration and bacteria
  • Dries up to 4 garments simultaneously
  • Quiet full ball bearing Motor rated at 80,000 hours
  • It is also UL Listed
  • Extremely versatile with removable extension tubes

This boot dryer can fulfill what you need. It will handle up to two pairs of gears at one time.

You can use it for work boots, play gloves, ski boots, athletic shoes, and tall boots with no need for any extra attachments.

Hence, this dryer comes from high-quality materials; it will not damage your gears’ fabric in any way. It will not shrink it, make it stiffer, or result in any unnecessary wear and tear.

Besides that, this model is non-audible while cleaning your boots and making them as fresh as new.

Bacteria living on the skin begin to react with the sweat of our feet and produce undesirable odor. Sometimes diseases, medications, harsh environments, poor hygiene can create scents.

We all want to get rid of the odor and the moisture as well. That is what MaxxDry will do.

MaxxDry shoe boot and glove dryer effectively remove odors and prevent mold, fungus, and bacteria formation. It comes with a virtually nonaudible full ball bearing motor that has a rating of 80,000 hours.

While the dryer comes with a removable extension tube, you can use it for taller footwear.

To sum it up, this heavy-duty dryer that can work with no noise in the background. You can also apply it to various types of footwear. That will give you warm, healthy feet as well.

One extra feature that the MaxxDry XL boot dryer has is that you will pop the boot on it in cold weather and have warm, healthy feet on your workday.

Pros & Cons

  • Removes odors related to perspiration
  • Dries up to four gears at one time
  • It will handle up to two pairs of gears at one time
  • Prevent bacteria growth
  • Removable extension tube for taller footwear
  • Ball-bearing motor
  • Dry your boots without any noise
  • Removable extension tubes
  • Eliminate moisture
  • Protect your gears
  • Multiple tasks
  • Some customers complain that it takes longer to dry their items


MaxxDry XL boot dryer is ideal for people who want to enjoy warm and healthy feet on their way to work.

Deodorize Boot and Shoe Dryer

If you are suffering from bad-smelling footwear, then this unit will be the solution to your problem.

OdorStop Boot dryer features a high output fan, which can circulate the air around. This feature is useful for drying and freshening your gears, gloves, and more.

It also comes with heat and deodorizing functions. The last one helps to remove bacteria that cause foul-smelling of your footwear.

Thanks to its stable, strong base, you can use this machine to dry and sanitize heavy and light boots, hats, and gloves.

Because of its three-hour drying timer, you can place your wet footwear and let the dryer do the rest. You do not have to think about forgetting to turn it off. Ideal for use for all types of garments, including leathers, synthetic materials, and ski boots.

Whether you are soaking your footwear through it or need a little fresh up, OdorStop Boot dryer and deodorizer are excellent choices. It is also able to dry two pairs at one time.

This model has two drawbacks. Firstly, placement. Place it within an uninhabited chamber during deodorization to avoid ozone build-up possibilities. Or at least a good-ventilated area. The garage can be in a good position.

Secondly, this dryer is more expensive than the standard one. That is due to the extra deodorization function.

To sum it all, if you need to be capable of drying your footwear fastly and at the same time get rid of the odor from your footwear, then the OdorStop device is the very best choice for you.

Pros & Cons

  • Three-hour automatic shut-off timer
  • Prevent bacteria build-up
  • Eliminate bad footwear smells
  • Suitable for light and stout footwear
  • Stable and strong base
  • Pricey
  • Ozone build-up


OdorStop Boot dryer is ideal for people who want to dry their footwear and eliminate smelly odors at the same time.

Simple Dry Boots
DryGuy Simple Dry Boot and Glove Dryer
  • Convection-based boot and glove drying system heats to approximately 105 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Dries two garments (1 pair) in 6-8 hours
  • Completely silent, no moving parts; fluted tube design improves circulation
  • Will not damage fragile materials in footwear or other garments
  • Helps reduce odors

The DryGuy simple dry boot comes from high-quality materials. The machine has thermal convection technology and can reach up to 105 degrees f.

The DryGuy dryer can dry up to two garments, i.e., one pair of boots every time. This unit does all that work without producing any disturbing noise.

This dryer Consumes low power wattage. It also reduces odors caused by sweating. Simultaneously, it prevents the formulation of mildew and fungi, and it does all that while protecting the footwear from any damage.

One notable feature, this dryer is safe and very economical. It is also ideal for use on all boot and glove materials. It will prevent your gears from getting shrunk, stiffer, or damage for any reason.

This device has no moving parts, so you can leave your wet gears to dry on the dryer all night. You do not have to mention any noisy sound that will interrupt your sleep.

Your boots will look like a new one to help you start your day with a new boot. Moreover, unlike any other boot dryers, this unit’s marvelous design enables you to dry your gear without the need to use other extra attachments.

While DryGuy dryer is highly economical, works on only 30 watts, and lengthens the life of your footgear.

The machine has two small drawbacks. It has no on/off switch on the unit, so do not leave it plugged in when you do this. For that reason, this device can waste a lot of electrical energy.

Finally, The dryer also releases a small scent of burned plastic. However, if you keep in mind all the advantages that this dryer offers, You can easily disregard these two nuts.

Pros & Cons

  • Remove odors
  • The design enhances air circulation
  • lengthen the life of the gears
  • It does not include any moving parts
  • Inaudible
  • It prevents bacteria fungi and molds build-up
  • Extremely safe to use
  • The design lacks an on/off switch
  • A slight scent of burning plastic


DryGuy dryer boot removes odors and prevents bacteria formation; this will lengthen your garment life.

Boot and Glove Dryer
Kendal Shoes Boots Gloves Dryer SI-SD06G
  • Warm air dryer for shoes, boots, gloves, pants, and more in about half an hour
  • The shoe dryer can dry 2 pairs of shoes at the same time
  • the glove dryer can dry 2 pairs of gloves at the same time.
  • Warm air protects clothes.
  • Aroma active carbon is used to absorb odor and make your shoes smell better.
  • With an up to 3 hours timer
  • Low and High-temperature modes can be selected
  • Weighing in at 3.5 pounds, this machine will take up very little space on your outdoor trip or at your home.
  • Include wall-mount kits if you want to mount it on the wall.
  • CE certified.
  • AC 110-120V, 60 Hz, 325 Watts.

Kendal boot glove dryer applies warm air to dry many fabrics such as boots, gloves, shoes, and more. The warm air prevents clothes damage and also avoids shrinking and stiffness.

You do not need to wait all night or many hours to see the result. It will take approximately less than one hour and then enjoy a dry, comfortable feeling.

You can use a Kendal dryer to handle up to four pieces, i.e., two pairs of shoes every time. This ability will save time and energy.

These boots shoes machines use aroma active carbon scent to absorb the odors from your footwear. That odor is due to different types of bacteria and sweat.

All of this enhances your shoes’ scent and lets you use them comfortably at work. You can select either low or high-temperature modes according to your garment material and your choice.

Because of the 3-hours timer, the machine is safe to be left plugged in. It is about 3.5 pounds, so it is easy to carry on your vacation, trips, and camps. There is no need to think about heavy rain that can ruin your shoes permanently.

Finally, If you want to mount the unit on the wall, you need to order wall-mount kits for this aim. It is also a little pricey.

Pros & Cons

  • Warm air protects the fabric
  • Dry two pairs of boots at one time
  • Remove odor
  • Timer (can reach to 3 hours)
  • Low and high heating modes
  • Costly


Kendal dryer comes with an appropriate weight that you can stake to camps and trips.

13-Comyan Shoe Dryer |portable boot dryer

Comyan Shoe Dryer |portable boot dryer

People who tend to use enclosed footwear suffer from increased sweating of their feet. That is called hyperhidrosis.

Some people must wear enclosed footwear in their work for their safety. If your job is one of these fields, you may need to purchase a sterilizer for footwear.

A regular dryer will not be capable of killing all bacteria and fungus. For that reason, you need a specific UV-lamp for your boots. This lamp would be an excellent choice.

The primary task of this dryer is to sterilize your footwear. This process will take about 15-20 minutes.

UV-light eliminates the entire germs and bacteria. Comyan Shoe Dryer also backs up the ozone feature that can kill all organisms. 

Along with these features, you can use this dryer for items other than footwear. These can include vehicles, lockers, and other small size things. it can dry only a pair of boots every single time

Easy to use; just put a shoe lamp dryer into your footwear and plug in the adapter, and it will do the rest.

Comyan Shoe Dryer comes with an adjustable time. Because of this feature, there is no fear about forgetting to unplug it.

One bonus benefit for this unit is it is portability. if you enjoy traveling a lot or planning to camp with your family members or your friends, this drier will be great for you

Even if you do not have any problem, buying this unit will be the right choice because preventing the issue before it occurs is always a great decision.

Pros & Cons

  • An adjustable timer
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Eliminate bacteria and fungus
  • Backs up the ozonation feature
  • Some customers complain that the dryer has a short life period


Comyan Shoe Dryer is suitable for people who travel a lot and want warm, healthy feet.

Factors to focus on while purchasing the best boot dryers.

When you buy the best boot dryers, there are some critical factors you have to consider. These factors are

Easy to use

It is better to know that you have full control over the device and the mechanism you will use, whether the machine is big or small.

However, the best boot dryers mechanism is not as complicated as other modern advanced technology; they still include many features that you have to adjust to match your specific needs.

These best boot dryers settings involve heating mode, drying tube, and capacity, and others.

Heating Modes

Each boot and shoe dryers have a different capability to achieve a specific temperature. You must know what temperature level your machine can reach.

Some models’ temperatures can be adjustable. This feature increases the device’s versatility, makes them safer, and can be used with various footwear materials.

On the other hand, some machines only can apply a low-heat mode; this increases your boots’ drying time.

However, the second one is safer than those devices that can apply too high-temperature levels, which may make your footwear condition worse.

Take into consideration the different fabrics of your gears, and look if the temperature modes available on the dryer is appropriate for it or not.


The value of the capacity factor majorly depends on what you need. If you need the best boot dryers that can dry multiple items at one time, you have to pick a model that can do so with high efficiency.

This feature can be critical for big households where families with big numbers may want to use the boot dryer machine simultaneously after a rainy day. A device that can only dry a pair of boots will not be enough.

Some dryer models have a larger size and extra tubes, which help you dry up to 4 items simultaneously. This ability will help to save energy and time.

 Drying Time

When you need to dry your wet boots gloves in a short time, you have to know the time your selected unit will take to dry a particular item entirely.

 While some devices can dry your gears in one hour, other units may need the whole night to dry them. If time is essential for you, you have to choose the best boot dryers that meet your time requirements.

Reservoir and Dip Trays

Dryers with drip trays can make a difference for some people. When your boots are soaking wet during the drying process, the tray can prevent your floor from being damaged due to continual exposure to moisture.

 The tray can control potential electrical hazards that happen because of water pools created by the drenched garments. Therefore it’s better to select the best boot dryers that have their reservoir system.

Port Height

You should take into consideration the port’s height when you purchase your best boot dryers machines.

Yes, it’s right boots mostly fit on any standard boot dryer tube. However, taller footwears such as rubber hunting boots and rain boots may need a taller port for the dryer to work as effectively as possible.

The good part is that many models contain tube extensions that let you lengthen the vertical tubes up to 16 inches.

These tubes give an extra height for tall rubber farms and hunting boots. If you are using a pair of these kinds when the weather begins to change, you may need to consider buying one of these machines.

Articulating Tubes

If you try to pack two pairs of heavy boots onto a boot dryer will influence the sitting way. 

They will block the fan and make the drying process be with less efficient. If you can select a unit with articulating tubes, you will prevent cramming everything together.

Using an articulating tube, you will be able to place your boots sideways without decreasing the dryer’s performance. These tubes let the boot sit right so it will dry as efficiently as possible.


During traveling a lot, you will need a portable shoe dryer that is easy to carry. These units have no base, and you can transport them in your footwear. It will take virtually no space in the travel pack.

However, portability and compact features come with sacrificing dryer performance. For that reason, you may need to buy two different boot dryers. A portable travel model and a large one to use at-home.

Type of Heat

Forced air units will warm and dry your footwear in less time than a convection one. However, they consume more power and can make a lot of noise. Alternatively, convection heat units are non-audible and much more energy efficient.

When it comes to the best boot dryers selection, you have to decide the place you want to use these best boot dryers. For home use? for camping?

Those questions will help with determining your power sources. Think about how fast you need to dry your gears.

If you want your boots to dry in a fast time, then forced-air models with fans are the best boot dryers for you.

Otherwise, a convection unit will be enough when you want to dry out slightly damp boots result from hot weather sweat.

Intended Use – products types to Dry

You can use The best boot dryers for other products like jeans, shoes, and socks. If you want to use these dryers to dry a wide range of things, you have to select one with attachments optimized for your different garments.

Some best boot dryers include extension tubes for taller footwear, while other dryers have extra attachments. you can use them to dry other items like gloves.


It will help if you consider a few factors, according to boot dryers’ noisy sound. The first factor, the forced-air unit, includes a fan, and fans can cause loud sound.

However, because of their fast drying process, you are less likely to let them on for a long time, especially if your unit comes with an automatic shut-off timer.

Secondly, convection heat units are practically inaudible. The dryer design does not include any moving parts and won’t bother your sleeping time. This advantage is essential when running them for a long time.

Thirdly, you need to consider where you will use your best boot dryers. If you own a big porch, garage, or Large space in the home, the noise will not be a problem.

If, on the other hand, you will need to travel and use your best boot dryers in your tent or bedroom, then you have to buy a silent unit.


 Before you buy the best boot dryers, double-check if they are safe to use in your environment. The best boot dryers should have an automatic cut-out for overheating conditions.

If you have kids at home, be sure that the unit will not heat up enough to result in burns and that it is stable, has no sharp edges.

Extra Features

You might want to keep in mind a few extra features when you select your best boot dryers. Units with timers let you set the dryer time and forget it.

These time-adjustable best boot dryers would be more helpful when you’re drying overnight or alternating boots and leave them for a day.

A Lot of units come with more attachments that you may buy for the boot dryer. You can find a tube used for hand gloves.

These attachments help the dry air reach the parts of the hard-to-dry item while also maintaining their shape. This one is a great advantage when you handle expensive items.

You may even find an attachment that works as a deodorizer. Some of these are installed in-line with the tube and prevent odor during the drying process.

Types of boot dryers

There are different types of the best boot dryers. You have to recognize the variation between them to choose the right one for you.

1-Electric shoe and boot dryers

An electric boot dryer can dry your boots by using heat. Electric boot dryers use one of the couple techniques.

The first mechanism comes with a fan, which helps push hot air through your wet boots for a given period.

While the second one includes the use of elements that help to provide warmth, on average, electric boots dryers emit hot air on a range from 40 to 80 degrees C.

2-Ultraviolet light

 As mentioned in its name, these best boot dryers work with ultraviolet light to dry footwear.

 One bounce feature for using UV light sanitizes your footwear. It can kill bacteria and provide you with healthy and warm feet all day long.

3-Ozone technology

 Some types of best boot dryers use ozone technology to dry your shoes. Ozone technology, such as UV light dryers, can work as a sanitizer.

This feature is because of their ability to destroy microbes. Mostly these units use PTC heating elements.

4-Dryer bag

If you prefer not to get a shoe dryer, you may purchase a shoe dryer bag instate. This way, you will keep the dryer in a safe area when you remove them.

5-Stationary “drying stations.”

Usually, these units’ design consists of four pipes. Two of them are for drying footwear, while the rest help to dry gloves and hats.

These kinds of devices have multiple functions. You can easily change the caps, making these best boot dryers an excellent choice to dry helmets, hats, and baby shoes.

These devices need a bit of space for their installation. The good news, these units have a variety of heat ranges. You can select the desired temperature level for the drying process.

 You will choose from hot and cold air. So if you need to dry your expensive pair of leather boots, pick the cold air setting.

By using a cold air module, it will be six hours maximum for footwear drying. However, this setting protects your footwear from any damage.

But if you love hunting and you want to dry your hunting boots in a short period, you need to go for the highest temperature setting.

Some of these best boot dryers include a timer. For that reason, remembering to unplug the dryer will not be necessary. This feature makes it safer to use

More advanced best boot dryers come with a heat/no heat switch. The aim of this is to turn on or turn off the heating mode.

6-Portable shoe boot dryer

 Portable shoe boot dryers apt for a fewer range of uses. These best boot dryers need three to four hours for each drying process with a temperature range from 80 to 90 degrees.

The essential feature of these best boot dryers is that they’re lightweight, and you can transport them easily.

Safety Tips to Use a Shoe Dryer

The best boot dryers are heating units, and therefore you have to adhere to the instructions.

  • Do not leave the dryer near to a fireplace.
  • Do not dry footwear soaked in water. Allow the extra water to drip away before putting your pair of boots on the dryer.
  • You have to clean The air chamber regularly to prevent any block of the airflow.
  • Un tangle, then tie your shoelaces before setting them to dry as they may blow within your dryer. Always use the best boot dryers first at a high temperature to find out if it overheats.

Frequently asked questions about best boot dryers.

These are some answers about the best boot dryers you should know about before buying your new dryer. Use them to realize the process in a better way, and choose the best boot dryer that meets all your needs:

What are the main benefits of a shoe dryer?

Why you will purchase the best boot dryers when you can place a lot of old newspapers within your boots or shoes and put them close to a heating device
An electric shoe and boot dryer will not cause damages to your footwear. You can ruin the materials of your boots by placing them close to a heating device. All best boot dryers utilize hot or cold airflow that will not destroy your precious leather footwear.
Boots or shoe dryers can protect the feet from bacteria. By wearing slightly wet footwear, your feet can be affected with fungus. The best boot dryers will make your boot entirely clean and safe to wear.
It will dry your footwear faster. Sometimes even one hour is appropriate to get rid of all too much moisture.

Can I use the best boot dryers as a glove dryer?

It depends on your hand gloves’ material. If the material is compatible with those that your best boot dryers can dry, you can use it for this purpose.
But, complex best boot dryers machines are specialized for shoes because of their specific functionality and shape, and you can’t use them to dry anything except footwear items.

How does the best boot dryers work?

The best boot dryer has various forms. Some work faster than others, while the slower one applies more portability features. It’s essential to know the variation between them.
Convection and forced hot air best boot dryers until now still very popular. These models come with vertical tubes where you can place your boots over them.
Convection dryers work with a unique mechanism. It takes room air, heats it, removes moisture, and then rises into the boots or shoes. Forced warm air does the same, but a fan is to blow the air into the model’s shoes.
Positive temperature coefficient dryers accommodate within the footwear and warm them from internal and external.
They include heat control, which keeps these dryers from becoming extra hot; however, they are slow. These dryers come with a portability feature than hot-air ones.

Is it unharmed to place dryers in a place that children can reach easily?

While a boot dryer has no hazard for children, it is best to keep it unplugged when the kids are around to prevent any potential electrical danger.

Do shoe dryers produce much noise?

Shoe dryers do not produce a high noisy sound unless you select a cheap unit.

How much weight can the best boot dryers bear?

Weight is not a big problem for boot dryers. Large devices can handle up to 20 pounds, whether the small units you can use within the footwear range.

How do you use a shoe and boot device?

Best boot dryers mostly are using electric power to heat the air within the boot. Turn on the boot dryer and put the item on the tubes.
If the dryer has a positive temperature coefficient, turn it on and put the heaters within the boots. The boot dryer will do the rest.

How long does the boot dryer need to dry boots?

Drying time is related to the method you select to dry your items. Best boot dryers blow The hot air on or at the boot. It is not a necessary step to put the unit within the footwear.
Still, it might require at least 12 hours to dry natural leather gears thoroughly. You can achieve Less time if you tend to dry the footwear made of thin fabric such as sneakers.
If you want to dry shoes quickly using a specialized boot dryer, you can do these simple tricks:
Start by cleaning your boots from any mud traces
Take off all the insoles and laces to leave at least 6 inches long from the top of the shoes to the base
You should place the dryer’s tubes inside the shoes
Put the boots so the top is in a high place more than a heel. By using this way, the gears will dry more and in less time.

Can best boot dryers prevent bacteria formation?

Yes, the best boot dryers create a warm, dry environment. Boot dryers decrease the growth of bacteria inside the boot.

Can boot dryers catch on fire?

The boot dryer is an electronic device, after all. Any electrical device can catch fire, but high-quality boot dryers come with built-in temperature controls that will not let the dryer surpass a specific temperature (usually about 105 degrees F).
But it would help if you considered that any shoes, boots dryers are relatively safe to use unless you use them in the wrong way. You can avoid those unusual conditions easily by applying the instructions correctly.

How can I maintain a shoe dryer?

Shoe boots dryers don’t need excessive maintenance. Clean the surfaces with a clean, soft piece of cloth, and if the device comes with a fan or air intake, vacuum it out to make sure that it runs as efficiently as possible.

Can I use a boot dryer to dry my shoes?

Yes, the best boot dryers work well, but every unit works differently, but they still give the same results.

Can I leave the dryer machine on when I am not home?

It is better not to do that even if the best boot dryers come with a timer. Do not dry any product encountering any flammable materials from kerosine, cooking oils to paint flammable materials.
Make sure that the area around your dryer machine is clear from any materials that can burn.

Final verdict

There are many extremely efficient shoes and boot dryers, so why bear damp uncomfortable feet.

When selecting the best boot dryer for you, keep in mind which features you need the most.

  If you wear both tall and short footwear, then MaxxDry |Heavy Duty Boots Dryer would be your option.

If you are looking for one with good quality and reasonable price, KOODER Boot Dryer| sanitize Shoes is what you need.

However, if you live in a big household and need a boot dryer that many members can use at one time then, PEET| Electric Express will be your ideal choice

In this article, I share with you the 13 best boot dryers buyer guide. Now it is your time to select the best boot dryers that will suit you the most.

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